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    Signature plug in for Indesign?

    Charles, Quite Imposing has always been my first choice. However, for some it is a high price for simple imposition on a tight budget. Yet I could list all of the extra features and things that can be done with it that would make it a bargain. Especially when dealing with files from business...
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    Customer file submission

    Sadly, many of them do have degrees. But it's all about making it look pretty, and very little about the mechanics of print. We give one freebie repair and outline all of the issues that needed our correction. We ask them at that time how they want such problems handled in the future. Do they...
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    Tab cutting

    The Onglematic 5 is about $3,300. The Scott tabbing machine is the way to go. As you can see, a good machine can be found at auction and probably for little more than the Onglematic 5. 10X the productivity. With the Scott, you will need compressed air. This would be sufficient: 2 Gallon 135 PSI...
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    Fuel Surcharge...

    A surcharge is only meant to be supplemental. So, if you cap your cost at $3 a gallon, the surcharge is meant to cover the difference. The national average is about $5, so $10 covers the difference for about 5 gallons. If you get at least 20 mpg that's 100 miles worth of surcharge. Long distance...
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    ArtPro pdf file conversion

    Any chance you can upload the PDF, or a slice of it?
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    OKI Consumables a Year After the Pullout.

    Well, Epson Enterprise printers are sold through the Business Technology Association (BTA) reseller channel. That means a limited number of dealers and tight service and parts channels. I couldn't find printhead life or replacement costs anywhere. Nor could I find much in the way of user...
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    Fuel Surcharge...

    That's a steep surcharge. Are they driving Hummers?
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    OKI Consumables a Year After the Pullout.

    Well, now I am looking in another direction. I have previously seen an Epson Workforce Enterprise inkjet printer with a Straight Shooter and conveyor. Like the OKI, it is a straight path from bypass tray to the aux delivery tray. What stopped me was the ink cost. Just OK for envelopes, but not...
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    Justifying Equipment Purchase... Recession... Financing Options - HELP!

    I will have to finish a B/W job I'm currently running on my D125 on our Konica color machine because Xerox won't ship me more toner. I've presented my job requirements based on THEIR toner count of 65k impressions several times. I'll probably be 5k to 8k short on toner. Now I need to replace the...
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    Best envelope printer?

    Apparently they are not custom chipped. Good news. PM methogod about ink.
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    OKI Consumables a Year After the Pullout.

    Thanks to all for the feedback. As a mail house we frequently get asked if we can print envelopes, especially with variable data/image. While inkjet is our goal, I think it is impractical until we can get volume up to where we are running regularly and daily, or close to it. On Astro/Memjet...
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    log counter readings end of each month? Ricoh Pro c5310

    We read the meters at the close of business on the last working day of the month. It's only a few numbers and not difficult. Even if I'm in a hurry, I can take a photo of the meters with my phone and enter it into Excel later. Our actual billing, however, runs from the 30th to the 29th. If you...
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    Where to Buy OEM Ricoh 7110 Toner

    GM Supplies DOES have a buy back program. My understanding is that they are very careful about what they purchase. They have been in business for 53 years and have no BBB complaints and 4.8 stars on Goggle reviews (94% 5 star). None of the lesser reviews had anything to do with product quality...
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    OKI Consumables a Year After the Pullout.

    Most likely. That is almost what the 1175p is. And that would be a real smart move for HP. You can get Memjet and Kyocera engines and heads to mount on just about anything. HP should follow. There's a ton of perfectly good bases out there with antiquated heads. They should be put to good use.
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    OKI Consumables a Year After the Pullout.

    Good to hear. I was concerned when I saw all of the OKIs hitting the market. IntoPrint is the (1 of 2 that I know of) official importer of OKI (Powered by OKI) equipment. Imaging Supplies Warehouse is the other (T-shirt Transfers). It is all private label in the Americas now. IntoPrint is also...

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