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    Epson Stylus Pro WT 7900 Software

    yes you will need rip software either Onyx, Colorgate or some other rip. Not sure if there is any freeware that will do this for you.
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    Newbie in the Wide Format Industry

    If you just want a stand alone Esko makes something called iCut that does a pretty good job at imposing and outputting files for wide format printing and cutting.
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    ESKO - Konsberg C64

    Our previous machine was an Esko Kongsberg and it was a work horse, but as we got into more and more routering and we were later into the lifespan of our kongsberg we were having 2 main issues. The first being that the router was underpowered for the amount work we had to do (4-6 hours a day)...
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    Oce Arizona LED UV and White

    There isn't much you can do to prevent dry up over night or even during the day while you are not running white. All you can really do is keep it clean and always do the maintenance at least once a day on the white. Don't be too worried if you are missing a few white nozzles in your nozzle...
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    Epson Surecolor SC-P6000 or HP DesignJet Z6

    Another thing to consider is if and when you need maintenance where does it come from. We had an Epson machine and the only people epson would allow to work on it under warranty was someone directly form Epson and there was no one local so we were always down for days anytime something went...

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What about Profitability?
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