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    Looking for old Preps installer

    I don't know if this will help. This is an ISO of a disk that came with a bunch of outdated equipment we bought at an auction fifteen years ago. It looks like a couple of Preps installers with the serial no. indicated by an empty folder...
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    Kodak and Preps

    Thanks to everybody for their advice. We had pretty much arrived at the same conclusion: whatever business Kodak is in now, it doesn't seem to involve customer service or the graphics industry. Perhaps they're anticipating a resurgence of film. We're going with Apogee Impose. If we can load it...
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    Kodak and Preps

    Does anyone know what it takes to get someone at Kodak to sell Preps? We're trying to purchase an upgrade to our old Preps 2.3 and no one at Kodak is interested in responding to our queries. Do you have to go through a third party?
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    Reasons to not edit images in Acrobat?

    Does she actually think she's "fixing" the files? If she does then her heart's in the right place. You should ask her to marry you.
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    Some help with choosing new VDP software please

    We currently use the InDesign Data Merge, Fusion Pro, and Fiery Free Form. We have been considering Design Merge for some projects, which sounds pretty robust. If you're interested the contact would be Lake Erie Graphics Cleveland
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    Print head alignment and banding of light Cyan on P9000

    We have two P9000s - two years old. Both are absolutely worthless. We had to roll out the old P9880s and put them back online. The P9000s developed either a deflected or latent-firing nozzle. We brought in a tech who told us it was a known issue with those heads. They're not worth repairing or...
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    How can I drive Avalon n8-50

    We have Avalon N8-20 & Apogee 10 on Windows 10 machine. It goes through a small black box from Screen to drive the Avalon. "Platemaker" is a program on the windows machine, along with the "Prepress Client" It is a little bit like Print Drive.

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