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    Envelope Printing

    What speeds do you get on booklet or catalog envelopes(9x12 or 10x13)?
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    Envelope Printing

    We just brought a Xante Enpress in house. I'm currently setting it up in EFI PACE. What are the real world speeds for this? Do you use PACE (or anyone reading this have the Xante and PACE)? I'm curious what others have used for the real world speeds and "impression" charges. thanks
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    Opinion of Quark 8

    I work in a desktop publishing company that deals with text books. We are happy that 99% of our QUARK clients have finally moved from Quark 4 to Quark 6.5. It's a major upgrade for our clients because most of our books rely on plugins that are not being upgraded to the newer versions of Quark...

What About Profitability?

What about Profitability?
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