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    Customer file submission

    Many of our customers have removed their full time design staff in the last couple years, instead resorting to an overworked receptionist / social media person or one freelancer or another. Very few of our customers provide truly print ready stuff, most requires finesse in some way or another...
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    Better Homes & Gardens, People temporarily halting some print subscriptions

    Yes I have a family member that works for their publisher / Dot Dash Meredith…she has echoed the same paper frustrations we have, we knew this was coming.
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    Tab cutting

    We used a Scott much fancier than above…but we cut and mylar’d tabs by the thousands every day.
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    Fuel Surcharge...

    Yeah, the accommodation for this has always been in every contract I’ve seen. Ironically, my tech drives an EV. Fortunately tech visits have been very rare for me so I do not see this being a huge expense relative to everything else right now (ie: paper).
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    Need some advice, newbie owner

    I have no real experience (demos only) with modern Canon machines. The problem with used (especially color) digital presses is of course the relatively short service life…if you buy a 3-5 year old machine you may only get 3-5 more years before they put you in the same boat.., but also the...
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    Need to reduce toner usage

    I have no issues requesting more toner than I immediately need on my 7210. You may have to explain it to them or your sales rep but I’ve never had any vendor tell me I absolutely can’t use as much toner as I use.
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    If you can’t find help, or the quality of help isn’t what you’re expecting, people don’t stick around, etc…take a look at the pay, benefits, the environment (is it a sweat shop, and the other coworkers/management)…. I have been doing this for over 15 years and I can’t tell you how many print...
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    Justifying Equipment Purchase... Recession... Financing Options - HELP!

    Yes I have had to open flaps, definitely works better. #10, a2, a6, a7, a9…some weird metallic 7.5” square…some linen. I tried #9 but just too small.
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    Justifying Equipment Purchase... Recession... Financing Options - HELP!

    Same, you don’t realize how much downtime is affecting you until you can actually get caught up with a working machine. Since end of March install we have put 80K+ color (mostly 19x13) and 200k+ BW (mostly 8.5x11) on it, in that time one minor image quality related service call (thin lines)...
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    Justifying Equipment Purchase... Recession... Financing Options - HELP!

    We got a 7210x at the end of March, it’s been a real trooper so far, runs everything I throw at it and plenty fast for our us, registration / color is excellent, easy to use, and most importantly it just runs. Local service team is awesome. Have more supplies than I was able to keep on the...
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    Upgrading Versant 180

    I just got out of a KM, the toner supply issues are / were real, for almost the past year it seemed we were always wondering when the next meager ration of toner would be in, always begging sales and various higher ups for toner, we had to buy some on ebay, and techs never had parts. We have...
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    Duplo DC-445 350gsm?

    Yes I have a 646 and this definitely can help on thicker stocks.
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    Thin Print Substrates - Konica Minolta

    I used to run large volumes of 16# (60gsm) through Xerox docutechs…it was very sensitive to the direction of the curl and humidity, and some batches simply wouldn’t run, how long it had sat…and this was before you had advanced operator settings to tweak. Start with good paper, I don’t know how...
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    DFS-2200 Maintenance Manual or Mode

    I needed to get into the maintenance menu on my duplo 646, I emailed my duplo rep (someone I’ve talked to about equipment but never purchased directly from) and I got the access code.
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    Best envelope printer?

    The envelope fuser felt like smoke and mirrors to me…yes you need a dedicated fuser to avoid the wear lines but it is an expensive unnecessary accessory for most. 10/10 times I would have preferred having a spare fuser that I could use for anything. We don’t have the KM anymore, we have a Ricoh...

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