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    Anyone know if this is inkjet?

    If it's from Amazon (who know all about you) and it is for Prime members (who are their most loyal customers), can't it be a one-off with content specifically targeting your interests? In that case it is bound to be inkjet. Maybe we shouldn't look at the dots but at the content of the first few...
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    Heidelberg dumps drupa!

    ...but Komori pulls out as well. It will be interesting to see how this develops.
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    Trade Show Planning

    Gordo, can you really see into the future? ;)
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    web-to-print, upload multiple PDF's to create 1 production document

    I'm not familiar with Pageflex and its capabilities but that seems to be the most logical solution to investigate first. I posted a little video on how to merge PDF uploads with Apogee StoreFront some time ago on LinkedIn. You can do multiple uploads, change the order of pages, only pace part of...
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    I actually prefer not doing the same thing 30 to 40 years in a row.
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    IBM Lotus Notes

    Quite some advice pops up when you google 'ibm notes forward mail formatting' Some of it seems to require an admin to check or change settings so I guess it is your IT guy who needs to investigate this further. We have a similar issue with emails from one of our internal systems that go...
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    IBM Lotus Notes

    What is the exact problem you have? As a fellow Notes victim I may or may not confirm that I am suffering from the same :( I am not technically savvy about Notes though
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    Where do you get your industry information?

    I use PrintWeek, both the printed and online version, as well as What They Think and a number of email lists as primary sources of information. It is curious that social media like Twitter and LinkedIn are not added separately to the list. Twitter is pretty handy to pick up the main headlines in...
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    Who is still using Acrobat Distiller?

    Thanks Dov for such a detailed and insightful post!
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    Who is still using Acrobat Distiller?

    I though Quark Xpress meanwhile had a decent PDF Export option. Is that not the case or are you still using an older version?
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    Apogee v11 announced

    Version 11 of Apogee Prepress will be available later this year. Its imposition engine has been extended to combine more types of jobs on a press sheet. There is improved support for digital presses, a new web client and of course a new release of Apogee WebApproval. The latter includes support...
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    The Printer's Burden

    Smelling whatever we get in the mail and then claiming it is printed using offset became a running gag in our offices after we saw a sales guy do that. Nobody thought it was impossible to distinguish print technologies by smell. We just found it highly unlikely someone in sales would be capable...
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    Responding to Reviews

    Prepress software doesn’t get reviewed. Reviewing is complex and time consuming. The trade press no longer has the means to do this. They are trying to survive by copy-pasting press releases and ‘testimonials’.
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    Who is still using Acrobat Distiller?

    Distilling and viewing in Acrobat is still the best - although RIPping the files and viewing the bitmaps can be a valid alternative provided your RIP has such a function.
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    Who is still using Acrobat Distiller?

    Why would they insist on Distiller-created files? What is wrong with PDF files exported directly from InDesign, Illustrator or whatever other application that has direct support for PDF export? I would even prefer such PDF files over files created with Distiller. Less hassles with transparency...

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