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    Shopping Bags

    Half Price Packaging provides Custom Printed Zip Lock Paper Bags with Window at wholesale price in any design, shape and color with free shipping in USA. Get a free quote now!
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    Paper Bag Printing

    If you just use flat paper bags without the flap then you can put them directly in the printer. Step 1: Open a program like Adobe Illustrator or even MS Word will work. Make the document size the same size as the paper bag. Step 2: Tape down the opening and tape the flap of the paper bag to the...
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    printing on kiss cut labels using an LED printer

    Whether you stick them on a laptop, a sports helmet or a car window, stickers are the ultimate print product for easy branding and labelling projects. With Roland DG print and cut machines, not only can you create your own kiss-cut stickers in different shapes and sizes, but you can also add...
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    Packaging Impressions Benefits and Compensation Survey

    This report identifies the benefits package printers and converters are offering staff and the salary ranges for key industry positions.
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    Automated Packaging Boxes Template - Any Suggestions?

    Last week I ordered custom boxes for candles packaging from half price packaging they supported me a lot through the dimensions, shape, colors and styles, Even they provided best free shipping service with minimum working days. I'm fully satisfied from their reliable service.
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    what equipment for this type of bind?

    tape bind could be better option...
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    IP to Sell Turkish Corrugated Packaging Business

    IP has come to an agreement to divest its 90% shares in Olmuksan IP to mondi group for millions of dollars, as per agreement the company will sell it's corrugated packaging facilities in Turkey.
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    Reasons to not edit images in Acrobat?

    If you want to edit images with pdf in acrobat XI then there are the tips where you can implement in tool: Use selection tool to select and use an image as a basic object for editing an image open content editing and choose edit text and images, select resize handles and other positioning tool...
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    Are you at LabelExpo?

    Amazing that's look pretty good for posting these type of shows
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    What's Driving Mac vs. PC Purchasing Today?

    The Mac vs. PC debate is one of the most controversial topics when it comes to computers. This page gives an overall comparison between computers running Apple's macOS and those running Microsoft Windows. We are looking to help users who are interested in buying a new computer, not dictating...
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    Best wishes for tomorrow

    Biden is feeling sleepy. lol :)
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    Font management - Mac vs. Windows

    Helvetica and Calibri are top windows fonts which are most reliable with users. While mac uses Apercu and GT America uses for users.
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    Do You Know What Your Customers Are Thinking?

    You can evaluate what your customers are thinking by reaching them out or seeing the latest changes in the industry. Because customer intent can take you to the main idea about the intentions and purchasing value in their product choosing.
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    Affinity Publisher is released!

    does it communicates with other languages ?
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    Inkjet vs toner for stickers?

    As described, Ink is liquid made for inkjet printers. Toner is very fine powder (made of polyester) made for laser printers. Ink jet printer cartridges are typically cheaper than laser printer cartridges, but toner (laser printer ink) tends to last longer.

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