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    Raminmd, you mention "not quite photographic quality" - an aside, we ran some tests of Felix Schoeller ePhoto on a XeroxV4100and it is...
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    Lorenzo lab guy replied to the thread low cost printer.
    Low cost of operation will be likely be only available with more expensive machines. Low cost printers will likely have a high cost of...
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    Our V4100 has multiple sensors in the paper paths that can cause shutdown when they are dirty. The main culprit seems to be the sensor...
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    Lorenzo lab guy replied to the thread v280 clear toner?.
    You have to swap components out as there are just 4 drums, etc. We saw samples from the new small Versant and compared to Iridesse they...
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    bcr: If you really want to understand color work at a basic level, especially when working with photos, I highly recommend Margulis...
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    Yes. The assumption is that the collge degree is about training. Not so much I think. It is more about getting into business networks...
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    We come at this from the opposite direction having started as a photolab. Additive color spaces are all we dealt with for years. On the...

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