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    Reasons to not edit images in Acrobat?

    So you have the Indesign package, but your co-worker edits the PDF sent with the package
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    Small dot in 0%

    What is the rendering intent of the profile? If it's absolute colorimetric I would expect there to be a value in the 0% area as it is simulating the paper colour.
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    Cant print stripes?

    No, you said ppi which we interpreted to mean dpi (dots per inch) since ppi relates to the pixels per inch of an image and is not a value used in the printing process.
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    Reasons to not edit images in Acrobat?

    It could be worse, they could be editing PDFs in Illustrator, I have tried many times to explain to others within my workplace why that is a very bad idea, but it seems to fall on deaf ears
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    Assistance with Prinergy 6

    Basics first, open the server manager and see if your RAM is being maxed out, or if your system drive is close to full. Check if anything has been added to your network recently that could be broadcasting on the net (use Wireshark to check) Check that your routers and switches are transmitting...
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    Cant print stripes?

    When you print colours on an inkjet printer, the image is made up of all available colours using a stipple pattern therefore you will always see some artifacts particularly when printing very thin lines. Printing a 1 or 3px line is never going to end well. Also the 1440dpi for the Epson is not a...
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    Transparency effects printing issues

    If you are printing from an application to the device, or sending EPS, the issue is with your printing/conversion settings, not with transparency handling on the device. Printing from an application produces Postscript, which does not support transparency, EPS is encapsulated Postscript and...
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    Easiest way to fix broken/corrupt/weird PDFs?

    Get Pitstop Pro, if your documents are coming from Office, use the built in Preflight profile "Just make my Office documents work" This will fix 95% of your Office doc problems
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    Create color bar for SM102 ZP

    After 44 years in the industry, I have learned not to get involved in Pressroom politics :)
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    Create color bar for SM102 ZP

    This is the other version that Heidelberg supplied, the press operators requested the basic one, apparently it works better with the scanner on their console, I don't argue, I just do what they ask :)
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    Create color bar for SM102 ZP

    Alois, I don't see any slur & gain defect targets This is the file 6GS-F74-740x12.eps as supplied by Heidelberg
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    Create color bar for SM102 ZP

    No, they just have the famous Heidelberg "Gear Lash" band ;)
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    Create color bar for SM102 ZP

    We use a colourbar supplied by Heidelberg specifically for the CP2000 console. Slur targets are notably missing it simply has solids of CMYKXY and 50% of C & M
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    AB dick 360 registration?

    You're doing well to get any decent registration using laser plates. While you can get away with it on a logo like this where the absence of trapping can appear to be a design feature and the black overprints where possible, you won't succeed on more critical fit jobs. Most printers would have...

Automatically Autonomous Automation

Automatically Autonomous Automation
Although the autonomous car is not quite ready, a lights out print operation is something you can do right now if you have a comprehensive Print MIS (Management Information System). The advantages can put money on your bottom line. So what’s your next step? Link to Article