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    Can't find Preps License...

    In Preps, go to License Manager (Ctrl or Cmd + U) and make sure your licence server is set correctly, this can be either the IP address or NetBios name.
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    How OLD are your macs?

    We still have a 2007 G5 Mac Pro running Retrospect to access old tape libraries Also have 2 2012 iMacs a 2020 iMac and a new Mac Mini
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    Job tickets - mockups - and general workflow questions.

    Job Tickets: We have spent 30+ years designing and refining our factory job tickets to make them as accurate and unambiguous as possible. The job ticket has an overall description of the job at the top, including size, number of pages, printed process/mono/Pantone etc, binding, distribution and...
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    Magnus 400 lll communication problem

    First, obvious check is that the Magnus is powered on (main power and yellow buttons) You should have 2 ethernet cables in the back on the PC One should go to your network switch, the other should go direct to the Magnus Check that cables are connected both at the back of the PC and in the...
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    User Preferences in Prinergy 8.3?

    That's the preferences window in Preps, so Preps needs to be open first. The folder locations should not prevent you from opening Preps, but if they are, you need to edit the config file
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    User Preferences in Prinergy 8.3?

    Start Preps, go to Edit/Preferences/Folders and set the correct path If Preps wont start at all, you may need to edit the folder paths in \\CreoAraxi\AraxiPreps\Profiles\PrepsPrinergy\PrepsPrinergy.cfg That's assuming you are using the PrepsPrinergy Config file
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    Fuji will be demoing a B2 Irridesse/Revoria

    Back in the 90's, I was running a small shop with A3 size small offset presses, Oce black & white copiers and a Canon CLC. We would occasionally get jobs in for A2 size copies, we subbed these out to a local place that had an A2 size black & white toner based machine, it was huge, I never saw...
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    Iridesse color consistency issues...

    Ricoh is also running Fiery, and having similar issues.
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    Iridesse color consistency issues...

    We have a Ricoh 9210 and have had similar issues since the machine went in, they recently replaced the print engine and the issues persist, so don't expect a switch to Ricoh to solve all your problems.
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    Numbering a print job

    You can also set up the variable data for the numbering in Fiery Freeform Create
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    Kodak Achieve platesetter Momentum rip Navigator

    They would have to prize Prinergy out of my cold, dead hands LOL The Achieve should already have a Tiff catcher (Expo) so all you should need is the ability to render 1 bit Tiffs to send to Expo.
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    Uncoated Pantone: Equivalent to Hex Colors

    It might take a while to find a sample, but I will see what I can do.
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    Uncoated Pantone: Equivalent to Hex Colors

    Yes, we do this quite regularly, but as 4 colour process, using a scan of the brown kraft paper or other textured paper as the background.
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    Looking for a roll-fed machine.....

    We have also been looking to add a machine for banners etc. The Mutoh Hybrid machines look like a good fit.
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    Uncoated Pantone: Equivalent to Hex Colors

    In August this year you posted: "We did offset printing directly on a brown kraft paper board of 350G with a blue background in pantone 2767C and text on it in pantone 155C (flesh color). The rendering is darker than expected for both colors" Several answers were provided from experts in the...


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