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    Another request . . . Screen PT-R8600 Manual

    It's a rather large file so here is a WeTransfer link to the PDF. Hope this is what you are looking for.
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    PDF Choking APPE - Best Practice?

    If flattening transparency in Acrobat doesn't help we sometimes have luck placing the PDF into InDesign and then exporting a PDF/x-1a. Mark
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    Agfa Avalon LF and Platemanger For Sale

    To anyone who may have been interested in the Avalon for sale, we no longer have the unit. Thank you. Mark Force
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    Agfa Avalon LF and Platemanger For Sale

    location: Tinley Park, Illinois Agfa is no longer servicing the Avalon LF. We are upgrading to a new platesetter by mid April 2019. Avalon is working. Will also sell complete for parts. We are looking to sell: -Agfa Avalon LF with punch configuration for 28" and 40" Komori plates -Platemanager...

What About Profitability?

What about Profitability?
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