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    Prepress & Digital Workflow Technician - Melbourne, Australia

    A growing digital agency in Melbourne, Australia is looking for a Prepress and Digital Workflow Technician to assist in delivering tech-focused prepress workflow automation software and services to customers. Solid prepress background a must. Expertise across...
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    Canva Files

    There are more and more printers integrating the "Design with Canva" button right into their W2P stores. They have a very easy to integrate API. One of the largest Australian-based quick copy chains partnered earlier this year. I wonder if these types of printers face issues, after openly...
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    PANTONE vs CMYK gamut checker

    ColorPicker from the old Greytag ProfileMaker suite can do exactly what you're looking for. I think that you can still download it from the x-rite website, and ColorPicker may run without a license, but don't quote me on that. You load the icc profile that you want to test against (i.e. a...
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    Survey Finds 47% Would Be Sad Without Print

    "Survey finds majority of people wouldn't be sad without print"
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    Mimaki CJV-300 - color correcting a custom profile

    Are you simulating a print condition (i.e. Simulation profile set to GRACoL)? Or are the color issues you're mentioning a result of when you print a test file with the media profile that you just created? The media profile you just created would be maximizing saturation, and may not be grey...
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    G7 AM vs. Concentric

    What type of questions from prepress was the press room ill prepared to answer?
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    G7 AM vs. Concentric

    Appreciate the insight, CKL. The company I work for has been running concentric for years with success. I am more so just curious for my own personal knowledge from the Color side of things than from a viewpoint of concern regarding printabity.
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    G7 AM vs. Concentric

    Thanks for the reply, Gord. We didn't run uncurved plates, we ran what were our current curves at the time and adjusted from there. We knew our current curves were close to hitting G7, so we wanted to avoid making larger adjustments by doing the calibration run uncurved. After the calibration...
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    G7 AM vs. Concentric

    I ran a G7 calibration offset using Esko and object based screening to screen half the sheet at 150 AM, and the other half at 250 Concentric. The resulting TVIs threw me for a loop. The Yellow TVI for concentric is almost 10 points higher than the AM. Does this have something to do with the...
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    Konica C2060(C3070) vs Canon C750

    I C750 is now rated at 350gsm. They recently up'd it from 300. I don't believe there was a firmware update or anything though. So you essentially set the device to 300gsm, but run 350. I believe 350 is officially "supported" now. This is info I have from a few months ago though, so things may...
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    Alternatives to Pressign for GMI

    Have you ever seen GMI stray from ISO targets and use substrate relative targets instead (for any customer)? I proposed this after presenting our "scores" when toleranced using the ISO standard vs when toleranced using substrate relative ISO targets (knowing that they could do substrate relative...
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    Alternatives to Pressign for GMI

    I am in the same boat as we work toward investing in PressSign or similar. You can use the eXact alone to adhere to GMI standards. The easiest way is to use the job tool. Create a Job template that consists of the GMI L*a*b* targets and TVI targets. Input their respective tolerances. Use the...
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    press operator looking for work in NC

    PaperWorks is looking for a KBA operator at their Mount Gilead, NC facility.
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    CMA Imaging

    Looks a lot like CGS to me.
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    X-Rite Isis 2 and CGS Oris Color Tunner Problem

    Haven't used the Isis 2. Call CGS tech support, they are one of the better tech support teams in the industry.

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