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    Versant 180 for sale

    Hi, Would be interested. Can it be shipped to India under xerox contract ??
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    HP Indigo 4500 for sale - 2009 - 7 colors

    Hi, I would be interested on the same. Kindly let me know the further details on the same. r: 62592"] HP Indigo 4500 7 colors Low impressions counter : 19 mln. Location: Canada
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    Digital Printing Startup !

    Gordo, I have learnt and drafted a business plan, but i have posted this question in order check if my plan is according to the flow or not.
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    Digital Printing Startup !

    Hello all, I am an MBA graduate and thinking to start my own business in the field of Digital Printing. My dad has vast experience (25yrs) in photocopying business and i want to add on the digital printing unit by side. Can you all give some suggestions pertaining to what all steps required...
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    Software's used in Digital Printing !

    Jotterpinky, Thank you for the valuable inputs. Will see through it and get back to you. Regards, Nithin
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    Software's used in Digital Printing !

    All of it i do know that, but includes in " ALL OF IT" ???
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    Software's used in Digital Printing !

    Hello All, I'm new to this digital printing world. May i know what all software's are required in order to run a Digital Printing Shop. Thank you all

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What about Profitability?
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