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    G 7 certification

    Thanks for the great explanation Mike, G7 is definitely not in my industry, And can't see why it needs to be. Enjoy - Hope to see more videos on your youtube channel.
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    Running Windows on an M1 Mac?

    isn't it easier just to use a seperate PC for windows
  3. pauly92

    G 7 certification

    Hi Mike, does this mean, for example in Onyx (x21.1) i could create a media profile by doing the ink restrictions, linearization and then G7. Then use a standard profile like a Gracol? as the ICC profile? does that mean that profile will print to Gracol standards? Not something i plan to do...
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    MIS that works with wordpress/woocommerce?

    MIS - none. CRM, we just use "star infinity" as it does its job for the last few years. But now i'd like to see what options i have with keeping woocommerce. happy to change anything other than woo at this point.
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    MIS that works with wordpress/woocommerce?

    I do mean woocommerce. We currently use woocommerce, it's a great product and love the integration etc. But as for print automation, i'm not aware of any tools that works with it. But i also don't know many. Currently woocommerce send orders via email and we have to input into our CRM...
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    MIS that works with wordpress/woocommerce?

    This is a longshot, but i've been wondering is there any MIS system that works with woocommerce products? or any automation that can integrate with woocommerce?
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    arizona 2360xtf and Colex 1726 Router

    do you have other printers or are you jumping into the ocean and buying a flatbed printer and a flatbed cnc cutter?
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    Announcing The Correct Color Channel

    inkjet still has dotgain. Like you said 2 printers, same picoliters, but the "splats per inch" could be different. only thing that'll change that is dotgain. I have 2 sample prints on my desk from 2 different UV printers Printer A & B are printed with the same image & resolution/DPI. same...
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    Announcing The Correct Color Channel

    You're talking about Dot-Gain.
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    Announcing The Correct Color Channel

    Nice sets of videos Mike, Hopefully you keep creating and possibly make shorter video (~5-10mins) on specific topics. Would love to hear your opinions on different ICC engines. I've tried a fair few and i have my opinions on all of them. I've seen some require a specific set of data to...
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    Proofing using Epson Sure Color P9000

    of corse you can. As long as it has a bigger colour gamut than the other printers. I'd go with a p9000. newer. not sure if it's faster ect (didn't look at specs)
  12. pauly92

    Need help to achieve Pantone L a b values after matte lamination

    what software are you using? I use onyx, it has a feature called swatch books. You tell it what colour you want to match, it'll make a grid with the original colour and +5 chroma each patch (as many as you like) and +5 lightness each patch as many as you like. you can fine tune to plus 1 if...
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    ICC CMYK printer profile with greyscale using K only

    Why can't you just use maximum GCR.

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