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    AB Dick 9910XCS & T-51 Issue

    As I recall the T-51 sits on a bracket with three bolts. Those should be loosened than adjust the side turnbuckles for overall pressure and side to side stripe. Snug the lower bolts and recheck.
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    Copy / Paste - getting hyphenated words

    Para Style New document has vanilla/no style applied. Hyphenation is normal and in use. Pasted text respects document style set. Source doc has "No Hyphenation" set, respected when pasted to page 3. You could look at the styles and set same in new doc; load styles from source to new or paste...
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    Heidelberg SBBK Cylinder question

    I use old film under any cutting rule that is not getting through; it has less chance to fail before the end of a run. The best way would be to spot make ready under the jacket but rolling the jacket off and on is a chore and more guesswork than one platen. I suppose to do it correctly you would...
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    Heidelberg SBBK Cylinder question

    You're noticing the characteristics of how a cylinder press operates vs a platen. A platen has to develop enough force for the total area being impressed all at one moment whereas the cylinder accomplishes the task throughout its revolution cycle. A score on a platen requires force equal to the...
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    Xitron Navigator and Accuset 1200
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    Struggling newspaper asks for donations

    Online popups and pay to view? Click bait?
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    Looking for Agfa Star RIP installation disks

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    UV coating and scoring

    Assuming you mean crease as opposed to score: Either way doesn't seem to pose any problems. It seems easy and fast enough to check. There's no way imo that coating will injure the Morgana; likewise, run scored sheet through the (offline?) coater.
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    Agfa Exposure test - shadow on film
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    Double fold on a booklet

    That's never happened. I've had fair results drop feeding into our Horizon stitcher, trimmer, folder set to half fold.
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    How Would You Do This Job?

    Did the customer ever see a booklet like this or did another design professional just try to out-do their peers again?
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    Ryobi 3302M button

    The form rollers are old, need to be replaced. #2 form is usually the first to get maxed out.
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    How Would You Do This Job?

    You might have a sheet tabbed at both edges. You would want to crease for a hand fold while die cutting the tabs if so. I can't imagine machine folding a tabbed front edge. What kind of qty?

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