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    Nexfinity vs Iridesse Vs Igen

    Just something to also consider op.
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    RICOH Pro C7200X with metallic

    Your general location might help.
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    CWS ignoring face up delivery

    If the imposed file is saved as a flattened pdf does same occur? I presume non imposed files are working fine?
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    Digital Metallic Ink Xerox vs. Rioch vs. HP

    No sorry, as I said, very little experience with it. Speak to your contact with the Iridesse, I'm sure they would have run similar. Alot will depend on the stock itself.
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    Digital Metallic Ink Xerox vs. Rioch vs. HP

    I'm not familiar with the C70 but I was a very surprised to find it comes with specialty toners. Before ruling out Xerox I'd be finding someone with an Iridesse to print your samples. Much more capable Xerox built for this use.
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    Digital Metallic Ink Xerox vs. Rioch vs. HP

    The soft touch laminate completely changes the feel. It's like a smooth velvet feel.
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    Digital Metallic Ink Xerox vs. Rioch vs. HP

    I doubt the black stock would be smooth enough to sleek. Any Wedding stock rarely is.
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    Digital Metallic Ink Xerox vs. Rioch vs. HP

    If you're trying to print on black you need a printer with white ink for a base. I'm not familiar with specialty ink so can't help any further.
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    Toner vs. Inkjet stickers?

    It's customer perception too. If you hand your client paper stickers and either you or another printer have provided laminated vinyl then your product looks inferior and as mentioned laminated vinyl is the industry norm.
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    Toner vs. Inkjet stickers?

    No, the standard would be inkjet, vinyl, laminate for a quality product. You have the flexibility of any size and any shape without trouble. We do a mix of both depending on use. I have clients I use prediecut sheet labels on the Xerox for the likes of sandwiches etc. Then I have wide format...
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    Digital over runs. What do you do?

    If there's a possibility of it being re-ordered in the future we'd pack and keep. If it's for an event, I'd just keep them back until that event is over, then dump. I don't think I'd ever just give them double an order, if there's any chance of them needing to order more at another stage...
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    Lines on Versant 280

    This thread here is from a few years ago with the same issue. This specific post has a workaround for CYM but not K. You may want to check with a tech for values for 280
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    Lines on Versant 280

    Its banding, big very well known flaw on the Versant range. If cyan is the predominant colour you'll see it about 30mm from lead edge, if magenta about 100mm past this, then yellow 100mm again and then black is about 30mm from tail edge. Basically same distance and order as your drums are. I...
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    creasing on Versant 280

    Condat 135gsm silk if bought as SRA3 looks to be Long grain. If the product isn't grain dependent I'd see about getting short grain (probably SRA2 and trim in half). Still should be able to print it without creasing but just a possible workaround.


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