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    Versant 80 - banding?

    Just a simple one but have you tried cleaning the ROS windows.
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    Need to reduce toner usage

    The op mentions changing to relative colorimetric to have the cym make a richer black so my assumption is it's a cymk job with a heavy black element to the design. Nobody has mentioned it being a simple BW job. My suggestion was just a manual way of achieving what the op expected the relative...
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    Recent quote on Iridesse?

    I've seen first hand mutli pass prints off the iridesse and it's exactly like thermo heat raised. You should be able to request a sample book like this.
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    v2100 upgrade to v3100 worth it?

    Yes I know it can be done but your situation was two full time machines needing to be replaced with two new full time machines. The op is only looking to upgrade his single full time machine at limited expense while keeping the second as a backup. Both financially and operationally different...
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    v2100 upgrade to v3100 worth it?

    So your answer is to buy two new machines from a different vendor? Remember not everyone is hit as bad with Xerox supplies, I believe OP is New Zealand?
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    Need to reduce toner usage

    Is the background solid. Could you adjust the artwork yourself to a better cymk breakdown.
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    Need to reduce toner usage

    That's mad. I regularly have jobs where outsourcing is less that my click charge alone would be on the job.
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    Need to reduce toner usage

    Sorry i know its no help but why didn't you outsource to litho with such a volume?
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    Versant 80...All lights flashing

    I'd remove all cables apart from the power and see if same, if ok slowly plug another cable in each time. One might just need reseating.
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    Skew on Morgana Docufold Pro

    You do seem limited in what the user can adjust alright. Are your roller pressures equal on both sides? you seem to be able to adjust that. I know adjusting the tilt should help but I can't see this being answer, on the old version you can adjust skew on the plates independently. So if you...
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    How do you Laminate Book Covers?

    We had similar model to that video before our current one. It was handy to do two sides at once and you can also encapsulate with that one. But even doing two sides at once it's very slow. They are rubber heated rollers which don't allow the speed. They also wear over time and split and need to...
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    How do you Laminate Book Covers?

    Yes we would generally laminate book covers for stapled on perfect bound. We're only a small print house so we bought this single sided laminator (it also does sleeking which is a benefit). It's manually fed but on average speed would laminate...
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    carbonless collator

    Just to share processes. we'd be setup like the op. Majority of our NCR is 2 or 3 part and would be in book form and numbered. So we'd print, then number and perf top copy/middle copies, number bottom copy with no perf (on Morgana FSN), then collate, staple, tape and trim. We've come from litho...
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    Pricing Question

    Sorry, just curious, do you mind me asking why you put a direct markup on stock? I generally calculate costs (artwork, stock, click, hourly rates etc) and then add a % markup on the total?

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