been working for major concern in midwest region … been involved with the publishing industry since mid 80's. started with film … worked my way up/out(lateral progression) into the digital arena(pre-press). never stepped foot in college … took part-time evening course to learn about publishing industry.

my mentor's name was ford … a mr. charles ford … charles had been a journeyman stripper in his hey-day.

without a doubt, my favorite software is illustrator … but, does not mean i have mastered it … just appreciate the power of vectors 'n gradient meshes 'n such. windows 'n apple both have strong 'n weak points … because of my environment, macs are utilized most often.

utilize pitstop-pro on a daily basis … working primarily with customer-bred files. enfocus makes life helluva lot easier … and just a bit sweeter. it should be noted … i've had marginal success writing a few "actions" for pitstop(earlier renditions). aside from the products i already mentioned … there's indesign 'n photoshop ’n preps … to name just a few. our pre-press workflow is prinergy.

current plans are for retiring in another fifteen years(age 75) … jury is still out on that. veritably … seems my "learning curve" is definitely becoming a bit more constricted 'n reticent with every successive year.

am slightly pedantic by nature … utilize ellipses(pl) on a misappropriated but annoying level … refuse to capitalize … get over it already. favorite foods are indian, thai and italian.

profile appended 07-23-2018.
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cen sored
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computer-operator / pre-press / imaging
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p geist




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Automatically Autonomous Automation
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