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    HELP with a print problem!!!

    I would have the same question. Am I able to review the file. I could probably fix whatever the issue is and send the file back to you. Then I would be able to explain what it took to fix the file. Happy Help, B
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    Archival paper needed

    FIRST CHOICE: Any paper that is acid-free and cotton will be your top of the line choice. SECOND CHOICE: They do offer archival papers now in acid-free that are wood pulp based. Archival papers can be found provided by almost every brand. I feel like the choice of brands will be more of what...
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    Bindery Fees ? (round corners, perfing and more)

    Hello Everyone, I was wanting to get a broad idea of what some of you out there are charging for : 1. Corner Rounding Per 1,000 pieces 2. Perfing Per 1,000 pieces 3. Numbering Per 1,000 pieces We have been offering these services. I feel it is time to raise the price. Right now we charge...
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    "It looks perfect on my Phone, I dont understand the problem" “Just make it like I designed, It looks blue not purple on my laptop” “I am designer , I know what I am doing, there is nothing wrong with my files. Print it now or I am going to tell my client to cancel the order”
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    Touchline CF375 Creasing & Folding Machine

    Hello Digim, We have 4 brands of score machines and 3 brands of folding machines on site . In addition , I have met with many providers for demos. This is what I can tell you :) If you want a score & fold solution in one machine, this will lower your options. It is easier, but might tie...
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    Junk Drums from Xerox lately.

    Hello AP90, In one day .......we just went through 8 New Drums on a Xerox 3100 and all were bad right out of the box. It made for a very miserable weekend. As we were trying to get jobs out.
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    Offset or Digital Vinyl Sheets Recommendation ???

    We are looking for an Offset or Digital Vinyl Sheets Recommendation. We need the Vinyl to be rated as Permanent and not repositionable. Looking for white stock and clear stock. We currently use a Kelly Paper brand that is 12 X 18. But we dont like the quality of the sheets and they are...
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    Paper Pricing

    KELLY Paper and Spicer Paper are the major players in our area . If your purchasing volume is enough, you’re able to negotiate your paper price. I would start by looking for these 2 companies is your area.
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    Sheet Imposition Formula is a free online impose program. I find that when teaching at our shop , this has been a great tool. You are able to impose and download your own files. Clicking through the options really teaches you a lot about how inposition works, after you see your results...
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    Logo Design -- legal review procedures?

    This is very interesting. As those question did not appear on our insurance. We do put the responsibility of obtaining a trademark or copyrights in the hands of the client. Once they approve the final logo we give them a package of about 7-10 files. These files are the logo saved in different...
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    Finding Good Employees ? Are We Crazy

    UPDATE: Thank you for everyones advice. I think I have learned that we have made the mistake of treating our employees like we are "Mom and Dad" . I had always thought that a workplace of care and compassion was the #1 most important thing. But, now I see that has just lead to employees...
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    Finding Good Employees ? Are We Crazy

    LOL, you almost got me for a sec. Then I read it again and was like, " what the heck" hahahaha.
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    Finding Good Employees ? Are We Crazy

    We are located in Las Vegas, Nevada
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    Finding Good Employees ? Are We Crazy

    If I could only be so lucky, you mean you dont also claim to be my best friend ...... even though I never met you before and you just got hired 1 month ago.....then go crazy and rip all those doors off of the cabinets.... when you see I am hiring more employees ...because you think they could...
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    Finding Good Employees ? Are We Crazy

    From the beginning we have had a problem with finding good people. We pay more than our competitors . We offer paid holidays, paid vacation and paid sick days. We have tried to find new people from : , Craigslist , Facebook and Word of Mouth We have been faced with some...

Automatically Autonomous Automation

Automatically Autonomous Automation
Although the autonomous car is not quite ready, a lights out print operation is something you can do right now if you have a comprehensive Print MIS (Management Information System). The advantages can put money on your bottom line. So what’s your next step? Link to Article