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    i1profiler to create G7 Epson ICC profile

    @Alith7 Sorry for my slow response. Sounds like you have it all sorted now anyway but I didn't realize that it was possible to have a proof validation licence in ColorPath Sync without the full profile builder module. The dE results that you show there are not too bad at all. I agree that the...
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    i1profiler to create G7 Epson ICC profile

    @Alith7 you wrote that you are using Fujifilm Colorpath Sync for profile checking. From this I am assuming that you are already using the service. May I ask why you are not utilising ColorPath Sync to create the profile in the first instance. This would keep it as a closed loop, so to speak, and...
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    Lotem 800, exposing problems.

    We saw similar problems on a Lotem with fine lines at random in the direction of drum rotation. In our case our plate/processor was being blamed. After extensive investigation into the processor & finding nothing wrong there, I had to prove if the Lotem was the cause. By turning the plate...

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What about Profitability?
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