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    Recent quote on Iridesse?

    I don't know if Xerox offers this but, when we bought our machines at a previous job we got 10% fixed buyouts. It gave us the tax benefits of a $1 buyout at the time (2008 ish). We had a fixed amount at the end of the lease that we could either pay off or refi for an extra year if we liked the...
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    Pink? Yep. Pink.

    How about it's an overused cliché. It's like when a news service rediscovers sewing or knitting and have the brilliant headline "Knitting: It's not just for Grandmas anymore!"
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    Hand Crease Machine Reccomendations

    At my last job we had a Morgana DocuCreaser manual creaser, I see that Morgana discontinued this unit and are only selling a powered version. Does have an alternative recommendation? We need it primarily for laminated dust jackets. with paper being so unpredictable we're running on heavier than...
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    Feedback on Hydraulic Guillotine Cutters

    @jwheeler one more thing. Make sure you can slide your stack under the safety lights onto the wing tables. The picture of the triumph makes it look like the safety lights are at table height and that would suck.
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    Feedback on Hydraulic Guillotine Cutters

    I've had good experiences with Challenge, a previous employer is still running their Challenge 305 programable from the late 90's. I like having an air table but, unless I'm cutting a lot of material I don't notice if it's not available. In a perfect world I'd rather a 30"(30.5) over a 26 inch...
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    PDF Export Question for InDesign - Acrobat 10 & Later

    The KM1 uses its own proprietary RIP. Thanks for the link. I sent it on to my coworker. We'll give the chips a shot.
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    PDF Export Question for InDesign - Acrobat 10 & Later

    In our ongoing KM1 Drama the techs have made the following recommendation. Optimize the problem PDF's and use the setting "Make Compatible with: Acrobat 10 and Later" The challenge is to incorporate this into our workflow for all job. This option isn't available in Indesign or Distiller. It's...
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    Does the Konica KM1 have and "Adobe PDF Print Engine" Option?

    We've had a few jobs recently that are not printing correctly on the KM1. When we moved the jobs over to our Ricoh 9110 the issue persisted until we checked the "Adobe PDF Print Engine Preferred" box. Then the job printed fine. That little check box has bailed my butt out a lot over the years &...
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    Renaming a PDF page label with information on the page... Then extracting the page with that label for the name

    I'm sending you a DM with the email address to look for now.
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    Renaming a PDF page label with information on the page... Then extracting the page with that label for the name

    Sorry for the long title. We have a variety of documents that we want to separate out into individual pages. Each document is several thousand pages. Ideally here's what we'd like to do. 1 rename each page label with the folio name. The folios names are not consistent but, the placement on the...
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    Xante Impressia - Help

    Let me know if you need a differen angle. I'll be here for a couple of hours. Ray
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    Discontinuing Blazer???

    Primarily Pro-Digital. It's sold by BW Wilson in PA.
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    ideal 4315 stack cutter not cutting straight

    At our place it's usually a dull knife & cutting through spongy stock like 50 or 60# opaque. Edit: Looking at this cutter, I ran a similar one from Morgana. The clamp is electric not hydraulic & is not that strong. Start with smaller lifts.

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