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    Digital Book Printing + Smyth Sewing -- Can It Be Done Well?

    We've done something similar. We had a job with crazy crossovers throughout the book. We folded or 4s and collated them into 16's. Folding the 4 gave us the control to make sure every sheet was folded properly. We were doing this on a Ricoh 7110. I'm assuming an Indigo would register even better.
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    Folding Recommendations for Duplo 618

    We ran the hell out of the Multigraf CF375. Unlike a lot of other creasing solutions it runs text weights. 20# bond is pushing your luck but, 60# ran very well, it helps that the product is pulled from the top of the stack. We did a lot of saddle stitched books. We would crease all of the cover...
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    KM1 Inkjet Press

    I currently work for a short run book printed and the KM1 is a good fit for us. It's used in conjunction with a digital 4/4 web and digital 1/1 web and single toner based machine. It's like any other piece of equipment, as long as it makes you money it's great. My only gripe is that from a...
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    MBM Triumph Cutters

    Look for a used hydraulic from a dealer. You can pick up a much better hydraulic for what the 5260 cost you. Challenge and Polar are both great brands. I would avoid the Morgana/Ideal cutters. It was very limited in pile height & the back gauge kept going out of square. Look at this as an...
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    Colorado and California to require salary range in job postings

    I had an interview recently that touted their "progressive values" but, couldn't tell me what the salary band was. Basically "we offer pet insurance but, not a living wage".
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    Dropping College Degree Boosts Hiring

    I sold print to fortune 500 companies in the late 90's-early 00's and they required a minimum of an AA degree for any office position admin, receptionist anything. It was pointless then and it's pointless now. Many positions do not require college.
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    Poor Britney...not enough paper to print her autobiography

    Electronics manufacturing is incredibly dirty. Rare earths have to be mined, toxic chemicals & heavy metals used. Electronics are a nightmare to recycle compared to paper.
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    #10 Envelopes and Discounts from Vendor

    I don't know if they still do it but, some paper vendors also offer envelope printing. We did this with Xpedx a few times. It was very affordable and the job would get delivered with your normal paper order. It wasn't fast though.
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    Recent quote on Iridesse?

    I don't know if Xerox offers this but, when we bought our machines at a previous job we got 10% fixed buyouts. It gave us the tax benefits of a $1 buyout at the time (2008 ish). We had a fixed amount at the end of the lease that we could either pay off or refi for an extra year if we liked the...
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    Pink? Yep. Pink.

    How about it's an overused cliché. It's like when a news service rediscovers sewing or knitting and have the brilliant headline "Knitting: It's not just for Grandmas anymore!"
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    Hand Crease Machine Reccomendations

    At my last job we had a Morgana DocuCreaser manual creaser, I see that Morgana discontinued this unit and are only selling a powered version. Does have an alternative recommendation? We need it primarily for laminated dust jackets. with paper being so unpredictable we're running on heavier than...
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    Feedback on Hydraulic Guillotine Cutters

    @jwheeler one more thing. Make sure you can slide your stack under the safety lights onto the wing tables. The picture of the triumph makes it look like the safety lights are at table height and that would suck.
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    Feedback on Hydraulic Guillotine Cutters

    I've had good experiences with Challenge, a previous employer is still running their Challenge 305 programable from the late 90's. I like having an air table but, unless I'm cutting a lot of material I don't notice if it's not available. In a perfect world I'd rather a 30"(30.5) over a 26 inch...
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    PDF Export Question for InDesign - Acrobat 10 & Later

    The KM1 uses its own proprietary RIP. Thanks for the link. I sent it on to my coworker. We'll give the chips a shot.
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    PDF Export Question for InDesign - Acrobat 10 & Later

    In our ongoing KM1 Drama the techs have made the following recommendation. Optimize the problem PDF's and use the setting "Make Compatible with: Acrobat 10 and Later" The challenge is to incorporate this into our workflow for all job. This option isn't available in Indesign or Distiller. It's...

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