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    Digital Press Operator - Central Florida Area

    Am in Palm Bay ... Versant 4100 & 280 (plus earlier Xerox models) & Konoca-Minolta C1085 experience
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    Stumped trying to run numbered multi-page PDF on NCR

    Each "sequential number" in the sequence is a "page", therefore, a page#; the 2-part, 3-part, (whatever) is the "#of copies" ... Then, set "collate > OFF" ... Each "page" gets x amount of copies (2-part, 3-part, etc), then the next page (uncollated) gets printed & stacked ...
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    Temporary Pre Press help.

    Where are you?
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    Being Progressive

    You might want to check yourself ... Progressives, Leftists, Democrats will let you audit their "meetings" & you would not hear a peep about cancelling/ruining Christmas ... Your giggling in the face of real life is juvenile, your pursuit of relevance is pathetic ... Merry Christmas!
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    So How many prepress technicians got laid off because of Covid-19

    Am not sure about how the political slants from members are germane to the layoffs question, but here in Florida (small walk-in & online shop) I'm working remotely ... About 20-25 hrs a week billable time - some onsite work ...
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    So How many prepress technicians got laid off because of Covid-19

    A high chance of not being an honest election? How so?
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    Self Quarantine

    Have set up a remote access from my home office to the prepress Mac & the file network where I work (the Space Coast of Florida) ... In Reality, it IS a lack-of-work quarantine - maybe 3 billable hrs. a day (1099 heaven) ...
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    Do you still have healthcare?

    I haven't had healthcare through a print employer since I left Los Angeles in 1992 ... Went to Florida (both coasts '92 >'10), then home to Colorado ('10 >'19) ... Now that I'm back in Florida, I'm lucky to be on Medicare - fortunately, being in the warm embrace of print production keeps me...
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    Going Viral

    "But ..." "But ..." "We believe in voodoo trickle-down ..."
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    Matt Beals

    Crap ... RIP ...
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    Junk Drums from Xerox lately.

    Our Xerox tech responded with the following: "The drum manufacturing vendor installed "bad crumb detectors ..." Apparently the sensors within the cartridges are receiving bad feedback, resulting in bogus lifespans, et cetera ... He says that it's corporate-wide - Xerox will not dump the...
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    Competing with Xerox?

    What's this "government gravy train" that's been mentioned? I work for a medium-sized offset shop that gets a lot of business from the local state university . . . Are we talkin' DOD-type gravy train, or large corporation subsidies?
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    Looking for used cutter in Denver area

    Estey Printing . . . Estey Printing . . . . . . in Boulder, CO had a large programmable cutter for sale last month. Owner retired - not sure of the status of dissolution efforts . . . Try Lauri Weaver @ 303.449.2760 x112 (Colt Print Services), she was Production Manager (& owner's confidant)...
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    how to convert rgb black in image to 100% black

    If the text (or the majority of "verbage) is isolated, run two (2) black plates. One, the "images" that don't need to be whacked, plus, second, the text that's been "adjusted" . . . Or, double-burn your plates . . . Flexibility sometimes requires an analog solution . . .

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