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    Xeikon ink limits/technology/need help

    Hi, you can convert all client's files with ink percentage reducing device link profiles. Download from here.
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    Printing Fogra47 on 52 papers

    Hi, download FOGRA52beta M0 profile from Maybe it would help. Saulius
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    From Bad to Worse

    Those who never get in this destiny trap, never read printplanet or any other forums, never overload their brains concerning professional goals working as hired employees for the owner. The most concern for them is the personal rating in the boss eyes. Sadly to me, but it works.
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    Kodak plates bad from the factory?

    Hi, we use Kodak Electra XD plates and, as a trend, scratches occur in our process, but only due to our internal problems (plate handling by ctp operator or transportation from prepress to shop floor). During three years we have had several lots of plates with not regular emulsion layer...
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    Manroland 205E make-ready (2006) (CIP3+Techkon RS400)

    It is a wonderful breakthrough ! Sincere congratulations to you ! I'm very interested to see the source code. Please mail to
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    Manroland 205E make-ready (2006) (CIP3+Techkon RS400)

    Hello Erik, by reading about yours incredible works and the dedication to the improvement of printing technology I was thinking that nothing goes away as you may think. All deeds are always somewhere in the air and wait for the right moment. Sadly, but some genial ideas get implemented not by...
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    Manroland 205E make-ready (2006) (CIP3+Techkon RS400)

    1. Thank you for the ready to help. We have PressPerCent and the consulting from the external specialist was ordered. I also have connected with InkZone and PrintFlow companies and they have asserted that the ink presenting is possible. But the problem of it is too little in our current context...
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    HLine utility for Kodak Prinergy Workflow

    Dear printing bees, I have recorded the presentation of my last works on the reducing of Preps templates and the process automation. Key ideas are making impositions without Preps (external) and the automation without RBA. The main message is at the very end. Sorry for my bad English and the...
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    ICC CMYK printer profile with greyscale using K only

    Hi, Czes, try these
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    Manroland 205E make-ready (2006) (CIP3+Techkon RS400)

    Hi MK we have ManRoland 500 with Techkon RS400 and Expresso 2.3 as the closed loop. We have no CIP3 initial presetting because there is no JobCard interface on the MR press, but we can make ink key adjustments with Techkon Expresso during the run. When the press came at the printshop our...
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    Any method to determine finishing gum condition before printing ?

    just in case, the acetone test of the developed plates showed no difference between two processors. Emulsion circles is hard seen. Both processors use tap water for rinsing and systems are open to drain. Both finisher systems are in absolute primitive closed loop. Rinsing water streams on the...
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    Any method to determine finishing gum condition before printing ?

    Alois, yes, I agree with you absolutely. And agree that measuring pH and conductivity of gum looks wild, but I guess nobody will arrest me if I will try to measure it, just for fun. Maybe I will be the first in the world. ;) You have stated, that gum "stored correctly they are stable, long life...
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    Any method to determine finishing gum condition before printing ?

    It is better one time to see than many times to hear (to write in my case). The scumming occurs with plates processed on processor which at least changed pH from the fresh gum, but the color and flowing particles say about the contamination.
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    Any method to determine finishing gum condition before printing ?

    Thank you, Alois, for the suggestion. As I understand with the hydrometer I can determine if gum is not diluted with water too much during auto cleaning cycles in the processor or at any other circumstances. But if the problem is in gum contamination ? We noticed that it get much darker after...
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    Any method to determine finishing gum condition before printing ?

    Hello, is there any method to determine the condition of finishing gum before the printing ? The main interest is how well plates are desensitized. We use Kodak Finisher 850S (acidic) and process plates in advance for 1-2 days, 260-300 square meters per day. It is very not comforting to hear...

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