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    Heidleberg pictograph

    Thank you Savage, strange that it came out of nowhere and the press is probably 10 years old. Pressman have not noticed it before. Thank you again, SK
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    Heidleberg pictograph

    Hello all, Might anyone know what this pictograph means. Our Pressman are great but this popped up on our machine and they do not know what it means. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Oh should mention this is on a Heidelberg speedmaster. Thanks in advance, SK
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    HP Scitex 500/550/700 Cyan Overspray?

    I must first admit that I do not have any experience with this machine. I did have the misfortune of having a HP Scitex lx850, the latex printer. We would see this issue on that machine from time to time. The solution was to reseat the print heads. I am not sure if the machine you have has...
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    Supply Chain Issues

    Hello all, I am surprised that there are not more discussions about the supply chain issues, that I believe we are all seeing. I work for a printer on the West Coast and cannot comprehend how scares paper and other products are. Almost every day when we place orders we are having to switch...
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    Wide Format On-Site Service HP

    Have you tried a local distributor? They typically employ a trained technician. SK
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    Agfa Increases Offset Plate Prices

    prwhite, The article you linked, is dated 2018. SK
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    AGFA 2050 issue

    From your description, it sounds like one of the sensors is providing in accurate feed back. The bar that comes down, I would see if that sensor or switch is getting hung up somehow. SK
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    AGFA 2050 issue

    It would be extremely odd for the programming to go wonky and have a value changed. It has been my experience that these values are generally in a text document that the application refers to. I still believe it is an encoder issue, whether it is in the motor or external with a strip and...
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    AGFA 2050 issue

    Not knowing your specific machine, I would check to make sure the encoder and encoder reader are clean. Could be as simple as that. SK.
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    Fiery XF - Color Tools Question

    Wondering if someone could point me in the right direction. I am looking to check to see what my ink limit and light to dark ink transions are set to on a profile built using Color Tools for a grand format UV ink printer. I cannot for the life of me remember how to get to this info. Any help...
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    Hydraulic Cutter advice- Baum/Polar or Challenge?

    Hello Brett, I have worked with Bruce, the owner at Colter and Peterson and he was good to us. It is one of the biggest cutters the Saber X15 Plus, it is a monster. It was a bit bumpy initially but they lived up to their word. They also sell reconditioned, smaller ones, here is a link to...
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    Victim of the Covid-19 slowdown

    Thanks Soggy, it does suck! But looking forward to better things. I have thought about it, I just do not know how to begin. SK
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    Victim of the Covid-19 slowdown

    Hello all, Well, recently I have been hit with a layoff due to the Covid-19 slowdown. I am a print professional who specializes in all aspects of Large Format Screen and Digital Printing but have knowledge of various other printing methods. Most recently, I was the Director of Large Format...
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    Arizona 1260GT - Does it need periodic calibration?

    BD, Some UV machines have light and dark inks, this helps smooth color transitions in flesh tones and other colors. Yes, in most cases profiling is done though the RIP or can be done with 3rd party software. Each substrate, may not be necessary, I would do it by material kind, Paper, Plastic...
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    Arizona 1260GT - Does it need periodic calibration?

    Hello BD, Most UV printers, that I am aware of, do not need daily calibration. They are fairly stable, provided you keep up on the, daily, weekly and monthly head maintenance. Also, the word calibration is not used with these machines, profiling is. That said, if you change a printhead or...

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