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    Problems with Komori Eyekom and dampening motors

    If the motor has a tag or label, read it for specs and maybe makers name plate. Try and find the vendor who make the motor
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    Thin lines appearing on plates

    turn a plate sideways and load it. See if the lines follow the plate or press
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    Rotaprint R37K Troubleshooting

    Great. If on YouTube you search for Rotaprint R37K Contact users there that may help
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    Rotaprint R37K Troubleshooting

    Yes Rotaprint machines were once sold by AB Dick.I believe that press has an inverter motor control. These devices do fail and prevent motor from running. No pump motor also?
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    Rotaprint R37K Troubleshooting

    Have you met the power requirements? Phase? Fuses? Transformer settings? That press had lots of pc boards.
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    The Broken Supply Chain

    First off, the term Press was hijacked by the Toner Tots. If its toner, ink jet and has coronas and fuser oil it is now a press. Toner shortages, Parts made overseas. Not a problem for your press? You may be a toner tot if you
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    AB Dick 9910XCS & T-51 Issue

    The goal is to make sure the head is Parrell to the blanket. This will assure your form rollers can be adjusted also properly. Twisted T51 frames can happen. Do you have a manual? If not I have many from ABDick/PTek from 360 up to 75 DI and some ctp
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    AB Dick 9910XCS & T-51 Issue

    Is this a Super T51 or just the standard one? There is an overall pressure eccentric pressure stem. As a tech I followed the procedure in the manual and some of my own steps. The frames on the head could be twisted also. That affects the forms also. I would level it also by loosening the T51 ty...
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    Looking adhesive vinyl supplier for fish tank background

    A cool idea also, is hang an LCD behind the tank. Run loops of fish, old ship recovery and my favorite the Mermaids. Also virtual schooling will help them learn. J/K. I think any marine grade wrap would work. A salt water tank could be an issue unless well sealed.
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    Looking adhesive vinyl supplier for fish tank background

    1x Double Sided Fish Tank Background Sticker Deep Sea Light Tight Aquarium Decal
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    Color really is an illusion

    Penn & Teller Helpppppppppppp Solve this Illusion of striped balls
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    Company Levels

    It is the pecking order of life. Look at our world today
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    Best envelope feeder for QM46-2

    Hard to beat a Astro model 2000 feeder

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