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    FusionPro vs Freeform Create...

    Montax Imposer is worth looking at.
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    Envelope Feeder Kit for Versant 2100/3100

    Put a shim under the envelopes on the non-flap side in tray 6 and 7 and you should be able to feed hundreds of envelopes between reloads. If they are jamming after the fuser, tape a piece of plastic or tape over the angled plastic grid just past the fuser.
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    Thoughts on Xerox Versant 3100 ??

    Similiar experience here. When the machine is good its good, but the we seldom can get good solids on non-coated media.
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    Mutoh 1304 and Kona cutter

    Checkout Flexi 19. I think its a $60/m USD subscription.
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    Starting a shop for political printing

    Print Finishing Systems and Boggs Equipment are good places to get used equipment in the US. Are you going to be operating seasonally or year round?
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    EFI 16h printheads

    Check with Nazdar- they service some EFI equipment.
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    G 7 certification

    Hasn't come up in conversation with my customers.
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    Advice on B&W Low Cost laser for Carbonless Paper Printing

    If you're in the US, you might reach out to X-Digital for a refurb Xerox BW machine. You could also get a duplicator for under $5000 if the carbonless sheets do not have variable data. Duplo and Riso and Ricoh make them and they are up for sale used on eBay and other auction sites periodically...
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    Looking for recommendations on Large Format printer

    Epson S40600 here. Really disappointed in Epson, but the machine has been reliable and the color gamut and vibrancy are excellent. A downside is that the inks scratch very easily on most substrates without lamination. Another downside is that the printer advances 12-18" of media before starting...
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    bulk 3 ring binders - Western US

    I have a need to acquire 3 ring binders in 100-unit and 1000 unit quantities, ideally for $1 to $2 per piece. Are there office supply companies the western US that you would recommend? thanks.
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    E.F.I. Fiery

    Montax Imposer
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    Large format Seattle

    Ryan at JVH tech might know of someone.
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    Iridesse and Mixed Media Question

    The on the Versant there is a high speed setting in maintenance mode that makes mixed media switching instant. Look in the control panel for something that toggles between "high speed" and "high quality mode". If you can't find it, reach out to Xerox phone support to walk you through.
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    Split Spreads into Single Pages?

    Montax Imposer is a good tool. You could run it in a virtual machine on your mac or rent a Windows Virtual Desktop for a short period.
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    Fiery E-47b loses connection to Ricoh C5310

    Try whitelisting EFI folders on the C:\drive in Windows Defender.


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