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    Xerox Drums issues Resolved???

    I just had Versant drums and toner ship without dealer escalation.
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    Poll: Switching to Affinity?

    We have not tried Affinity's products.
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    Justifying Equipment Purchase... Recession... Financing Options - HELP!

    I'm at a similar decision point and I'm underwhelmed by Xerox and their supply chain incompetence. Ricoh 9200 is current my top candidate and has similar specs to the Iridesse at a substantially lower price, but without specialty colors that I don't need. The specialty colors require a...
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    Duplo DC-445 350gsm?

    Duplo 646 here and I've had a lot of false double feeds with 350gsm and I have been unable to crease that thickness, at least for coated media.
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    Canon announced the V1000 There aren't a lot of specifications released, but it looks like a competitor to the Xerox Versant 280 and Ricoh 7200.
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    Question about volume on Ricoh 9200

    We've had a couple sales reps look at our current volumes and tell us that the Ricoh 9200/KM 12000 are "overkill". I was recently told that we would have to prove that we'd have enough volume to be *permitted* to purchase a 9200 or Iridesse. I'm suspicious that it is a tactic to spike the price...
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    Do you know a paper vendor in Denver?

    WCP Solutions and Kelly Paper on the west coast are worth a call if the shipping isn't a concern.
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    Any Updates - Canon Digital Cut Sheet Presses

    Interesting. What machines were you quoting? What is your location?
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    Xerox D125 Slow Printing

    x-Digital in California is a Xerox refurbisher who probably has access to Xerox firmware. You might ask them if they could help you for a consulting fee.
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    Tri-folding setup

    Your Duplo 618 should allow micro adjustments to get the print assets right on the folds, but you have to start with an accurate file and tight front to back registration. My setup is almost the same as yours- Duplo 646 and V3100.
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    Any Updates - Canon Digital Cut Sheet Presses

    Thanks. Where are you located?
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    Any Updates - Canon Digital Cut Sheet Presses

    Thanks. I'm planning to be shopping a Ricoh 9200, Xerox Iridesse, or Cannon C10010 this summer.
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    Any Updates - Canon Digital Cut Sheet Presses

    Thanks. Where are are you located?
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    Epson 7800 Printing Issues, Please Help!

    To attempt to clean the heads: 1) initiate a knife change and open the cover. The knife change will unlock the head so that you can move it. 2) soak a lint free rag with windex and put it under the head and let it sit for a few hours and then run a heavy cleaning. See if that improves your print...
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    Xerox Primelink C9065 vs Versant 180

    Make sure you get a Fiery RIP for color management. The V180 has supply problems. I don't know of the primelink series does.

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