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    Partially die cut door hangers?

    That or their die is actually half the size and they’re double-striking and that’s why it’s not as accurate. I’m baffled as to why they don’t appear to care about the accuracy since that’s essential.
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    Partially die cut door hangers?

    Sounds like there's space in the marketplace for an enterprising print shop that already has the die and an automated die cutter to produce some blank sheets with a more accurate cut pattern and resell them to the rest of us. :D Seems like it would be fairly easy work for someone out there to do.
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    Duplo Bin

    If I was even 5 years younger... nowadays I prefer not to reinvent the wheel if I don't have to. :)
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    Taxed on Maintenance/click charges

    I think it depends on the laws in your state.
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    3-d wall decorations done with my equipment?

    You can also do triangles fairly easily. In-out popups that step up and down like a city-sky-scape, you would just vary the distance on your creases and then run it back thru but flipped upside down to get the downward creases.
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    Duplo Bin

    Thanks! That helped.
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    Duplo Bin

    Does anyone know what the bin that Duplo puts under the DC-618 is called? It's roughly 3ft square, corrugated plastic (yard sign type) sides with reinforced corners/edges and is perfectly straight. The size and shape of it make it very useful. I'd really like about 3-4 more for our shop but I...
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    Vuzix is working on a more integrated AR tech that has more real world interactive capabilities. It's more like google glass should have ended up being. Their marketing is pretty terrible (as in you can't find a simple easy to follow video) but so far it's primary being marketed in...
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    More Reasons For Paper Shortages

    I dislike all of this. :-/ Maybe this will encourage someone in the USA to start new paper companies as demand increases for paper product. (I can dream).
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    The article reads more like one of those papers your professor had you write in school to prove you know something about a particular topic. It doesn't add any new information to the discussion that is relevant to anyone in the printing industry and the whole article seems predicated on the...
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    Man Bitten By 7-Foot Alligator after mistaking it for a dog

    I've had this customer. The one who mistakes something for something else it clearly cannot under any circumstances have been. :D
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    Xerox Toner Shortages-Anyone Else Having Problems?

    Careful with the older toner as if it's old enough it'll trash your drums for the next 8 months until every bit of the bad toner is out of your system.
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    Xerox Toner Shortages-Anyone Else Having Problems?

    Same here. All our Xerox techs have always been great and willing to show me anything and everything I could do to keep the machines running without a service call.
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    v2100 upgrade to v3100 worth it?

    We added a Canon 810 as a backup machine for our two Xerox 2100s in December and we've been happy with it. It was less expensive and the click charges were less so if you have decent canon service in your area I would consider them. The machine is slightly slower but the slowness for our shop...

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