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    Print problem v180

    This can happen when a drum gets too low although it's been quite a while since I've had a drum get low enough to cause this issue. Lately they wear out long before they start doing this.
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    How fuzzy is it?

    Fuzzy is what happens when you tell someone their image is pixelated and they go in and try to create more pixels by using photoshop or something else to change the resolution without actually going back to the source of the file and getting a higher resolution file. Yes, it's no longer...
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    How fuzzy is it?

    If that was an option I would but the timeline is too tight. I wasn’t really seriously asking I was more finding the whole concept trying to explain “levels of fuzziness” humerus.
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    How fuzzy is it?

    Is there a scale somewhere that people use to send to their customers to explain how "fuzzy" something is. Like... how do I objectively explain how fuzzy something is going to print to a customer who does not have the ability to come in and look at a print in-person. Mobile devices do not do a...
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    Pamphlet/Booklet/Book Layout Software

    Same here, we used to do it all in indesign with the templates and then we switched to fiery impose and it works for us. We still use indesign to make sure all the files are 1-up ready for fiery impose but it's a lot faster to impose on the fly. We can decide per-job whether we plan to handcut...
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    "Darker" or "brighter" print (ink density?)

    InDesign gives these options in the "default" color swatches window. There's clearly two options for black, one produces a nice rich black and the other produces a flat black. Expecting anyone beyond "sophisticated" users to know they need to custom mix a black color for offset printing use is...
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    "Darker" or "brighter" print (ink density?)

    LOL - I was just pointing out that in InDesign those are the two "default" black options. Maybe the offset printers should make a coalition and talk to Adobe about not making those the two "black options"
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    "Darker" or "brighter" print (ink density?)

    There's two blacks in cmyk that you can choose in InDesign for example: 0% 0% 0% 100% and registration black - 100% 100% 100% 100% - 95% of customers want registration black and not black. They want it to be that rich black. Everything else is personal preference. You have to also remember...
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    Today's Excuses

    Didn't you know that it's bad for the environment to make batteries?
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    Today's Excuses

    Hire a bunch of people to ride bikes to generate power. Problem solved and it's good for the job market.
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    Help Diagnosing Print Quality

    Keep in mind that the black drum is ALWAYS live on every color. So even when you're running magenta it will always trigger the black drum. You can spot issues with the black drum if you swamp black with another color.
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    Paper Shortage?

    It won't be. The major supply chain issues are not getting resolved or fixed. The companies that stopped making paper during covid and/or were bought out by paper packaging companies are not going to go back to making printing paper. It's not going to be the same again until and unless...
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    Cannon Imagepress C810 - What do you think???

    We had two Xerox V2100s. The 910 is faster on cardstock than the 810 for sure. The 810 is a bit painful compared to the speed we had with the 2100s. Having said that, we had the two Xerox V2100s and the C810 in the same shop for 8 months and we still ended up doing almost all of our cardstock...
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    Cannon Imagepress C810 - What do you think???

    We've been very happy with our C810s. My only experience to compare with is Xerox and the quality is lightyears ahead of Xerox for sure. Service and uptime has also been better than Xerox was this last year. We've been running the 810 since December and then added a second 810 and a 910. how...
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    PayPal may take your money if they disagree with your views

    I used Stripe until we got big enough to get competitive rates from Square. This is primarily because I needed easy interfacing between our woocommerce storefront and our accounting software (Xero). When we first took over the business the previous owner was using one of those people that...

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