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    Unhappy Returns

    I had never worked with a tonerbased printing machine…: But i remember told to me issues regarding varying heat affects the stability of color? (So that - the more constantly reliability of reproducing color in really small tolerances - is one of the main reason (with the smallest possible...
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    Unhappy Returns

    cloudy sky? Using a customers proof he ordered by an Internet-shop made for offset coated paper but with ISO_Coatedv2.icc (FOGRA39), but producing on Heaven 42 for example or printed according to coated paper all calibrated according FOGRA 51 with a paper that whitepoint is more than Delta E >...
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    Unhappy Returns

    Our experts had done a second proof by ourselfes that matches the print much more than yours, will you not agree the fault is on your side, if your proof does not match the print?
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    check Output Intents in Acrobat

    Made in Preflight AcrobatProX on MacOS10.5.8 import them in Acrobat Preflight for trying...
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    Colour standards and correction for offset

    (ashamed because i forgot to mention already above): Gordos Printblog is brilliant too (and in english language ;-) ):
  6. Ulrich

    Colour standards and correction for offset

    this is okay and for free, but unfortunately first you have to learn german language ;-) : this is in englisch, also for free, but more for already educated people, i do not find yet, but remember some very few...
  7. Ulrich

    Colour standards and correction for offset

    might be on this site, you will find any more helpful downloads or just informations: As said already before this is to all the brilliant folks here on this planet, they are always ranting against all the different standard organizations in our...
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    Other Names for Spot Color

    HKS ...please talk about "DeviceN", "NChannel", "separation color", "None", ""All/Registration" and globally "channels in a separation" and show them the channel-section in previews too ... ;-)
  9. Ulrich

    True Registration from Spot

    Before you start running the remove of all Crosshair objects copy one of them. After remove all objects place it from the clipboard somewhere it do not disturb (or set it on overprint) and set stroke/filling to 0%. If you do not find how to change what you want into separation color (mode)...
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    Printer Recognition

    Ouch, i forgot, you are right, but then the duplicated guy above must be a printer, because he does not wear glasses ;-)
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    Printer Recognition

    how would you describe a difference between copier and printer today? I mean, both are just duplicating visual information...
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    Does anyone still use overprint?

    ...following Dov´s input above: show me a preference-function that sets the default black in Indesign, which can be set to overprint by default, then instead sets it to multiply transparency if the overprint attribute should disappear ...
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    Back in the Day

    you should do that in future when they are applying as a candidate for training / employment to see which one try it with muscles or start thinking... ;-)
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    Adobe Color Management switches unexpectedly to Fogra 39

    for the settings might be yes, but i would check/try to place the recommended single icc-profiles here too: MacHD-Library-Application Support-Adobe-Color-Profiles-Recommended ...but my System is really not up to date and i am not working with the CC-Versions, so might be another one with more...
  15. Ulrich

    Adobe Color Management switches unexpectedly to Fogra 39

    ISOCoatedv2-300 is not listed in your scrolldown-screenshot above, is it not installed in your system? i mean just loading the csf-file (settings) is not enough may be...

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