Agfa Avalon LF Thermal platesetter won't take plate


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Hey everyone,

New to the group so thank you for being here, very cool community. I have a Agfa Avalon LF Thermal platesetter (model S) that is having trouble accepting plates. At first I thought it was a sensor but now I think it has more to do with the foam rollers on the inside. We used to be able to get 2 out of the 3 plate sizes to work now, all of them are having issues. Sometimes it works if I tap on it when it's supposed to drop down just before it punches. Most of the time it just pushes the plate up and gives a centering plate error.

One tech told us it sounded like a sensor, but he didn't know for sure.
Hi dear Jessen press:
If your machine have manual loading system, you should check angle of input table with input rollers.
if it's not be correct you will have same problem.
second item is input roller servo motor. you can check is it working properly or not.
maybe need calibration again or need change servo motor.
If problem persist take a video and send to me.
Please let me know if you need further information and support.
With Best Regards
You can test by moving plate a quarter inch to the left or right.
I specialize in this machine.
If that works either left or right, I can go online with teamviewer and fix the problem


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