Canon TX-4000 Printhead Line Issue


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So today we started getting this mysterious line in 1.5" or so rows across most prints, in every color but yellow. (See attached).

The nozzle check pattern looks good, we've tried multiple printhead cleanings (multiple deep and multiple system), done the auto head alignment, and cleaned the platen. No change.

Anyone recognize this symptom? Is my printhead dead? I just bought it a few months ago, never had one go out this quick. (It's a PF-06).


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This looks to me more of a feed issue than a printhead issue. Do the lines change on different media or if you select a different print quality?

I don't know how to adjust this on a Canon but it would be something to look into, the adjustment is also built into many RIPs.
Thanks for the input! It does not show on all prints, even on the same stock. I think it may definitely be a media feed or speed issue as well. Noticed today that there's some trapezoiding/misalignment going on on one end. Should be a solid flush line at the edges, but one edge has slight bumps where each pass was like 0.1mm misaligned and not flush.

This machine doesn't have a RIP, but I do have options for quality, unidirectional printing, and some other things that seem promising in that regard. Setting it to high quality printing does lessen it, I wonder if I need to adjust the suctions or something as the paper may be traveling slightly out of tolerance.


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