InDesign CS3 corrupted boxes?


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I have an InDesign CS3 document (1 page with pictures) that when I go to print, I get the message "The pages selected to print are all blank...". Try to toggle on and off some plates in the "Separation Preview" but nothing changes on the screen. The images are pictures placed in graphic content boxes. I have to delete the boxes and recreate new ones and place the pictures inside and then it's OK. Is it simply corrupted boxes (such as what we sometimes see in Quark) or is there any settings I should check?
Re: InDesign CS3 corrupted boxes?

Check the layer options to see if Print Layer is checked. Highlight the object - check the Attributes pallet (window) and make sure that Nonprinting is not checked.

Re: InDesign CS3 corrupted boxes?

Checked this already and it's fine. Got told at the Adobe forum that if document was converted from Quark, it may be the cause. Apparently it's a known bug.
Re: InDesign CS3 corrupted boxes?

If it is a converted Quark or Pagemaker file its good to export to INX to strip out any corruption that might be in the file.
Re: InDesign CS3 corrupted boxes?

Buko is right, saving your InDesign file as a .inx file can really help.

Here's how to do it: Go to File - Export. Near the bottom of the window that opens is a pull-down menu "Format". Select "InDesign Interchange." Save the file, which will now be a .inx file. Then open the .inx file with InDesign and save it as a new .indd file. According to Adobe, "This process rewrites the data in the InDesign document and may repair damage within the original document."

It has worked for me, and I hope it helps you.

Re: InDesign CS3 corrupted boxes?

Actually I've had this problem many times when converting a Quark file to InDesign. The boxes you have are checked to non-printing. Click on the box (or the inside of the box) and go to the Attributes menu. The nonprinting box is probably checked. Uncheck it and it should be okay. All photos and logos are probably checked to nonprinting. I don't know why but it happens in all Quark converted files.
Re: InDesign CS3 corrupted boxes?

Already checked all that. Tried to export as indx and it makes InDesign crash all the time.
Thank you for your help anyways.


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