System like 4Over's PrintersBridge


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Hey guys, I looked at 4overs Printers Bridge over the summer and it looks appealing to me. We have a good customer base already and it would be nice for them to have a website to go to and order business cards and such. This would also be a way for us to offer them promotional products. They use them heavily in the market we print for. Just wondering if any other trade printer has a set up similar to Printers Bridge? They weren't really responsive to me this summer and it was kind of a turn off because of that.
We got it because it was fairly cheap as far as Web-To-Prints go and was pre-built. Haven't had much traction on it though because most of our clients are B2B, not B2C. Maybe you'd have some success if you've got a B2C base.

The backend is a very cluttered and "busy" interface. You have to transfer over your DNS to their servers. There are some little annoyances like that. But it's cheap, so it's hard to complain!

A big downside is that there is no way to integrate it into an existing MIS or other system, so you'll be stuck forever manually, through the admin interface, either sending it off to 4Over or re-entering the job information in your own system if you want to print it. Unless you built some system that could parse the system emails they send out and react to it. But they don't do you any favors there.


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