% Web Breaks?


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Hello PrintPlanet,

I was wondering if any of the heatset web offset printers can provide any stats on % web breaks?
Using older Butler zero speed vertical festoon splicers.
Better still, how long are you down before you restart saving and how many feet did that take?
Most common basis weight is 70lb Tx/Bk.
I know it depends on a lot of things, so averages or typical are fine.
In the "old" days, Web Offset Association had this data, they been long gone.
too hard to answer without knowing what type of press, how many units, what type of folder, how wide is press, double web?
why are you experiencing web breaks?
I had some data from newspaper, but that was 37lb (24x36"), .002 mil paper.
Looking for an industry benchmark, how many per n/100 rolls?
Web breaks do occur!


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