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  • A New Machine

    So if you were buying a new digital machine, what would you buy?

    I know, I know. "Well Chris, it depends on what I'm doing, my volume, my customers, blah blah blah..." which are all correct and honest questions to ask. But I'm just wondering, what would you buy?

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    Re: A New Machine

    Xerox 8000


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      Re: A New Machine



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        Re: A New Machine

        I'm also curious as to why you are choosing the machine you are choosing...what does it offer that others don't, etc.


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          Re: A New Machine

          I have a calendar I produce every year that's done digitally. I've had it done on an Indigo 1000, Indigo 2000(?) and a Kodak Nexpress. I've seen a sample off a Xerox machine as well. I've liked the Nexpress the most. The newer Indigo would be a second. I've never run any of the machines so can't help ya there.
          Matthew "LAMMY" Lamoureux
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            Re: A New Machine

            Why do you suggest the Xerox 8000?
            Which of the digital printing machines has the most reasonable or no click charges and service contract? Yet also has acceptable short run quality?
            Which digital printing platform is the easiest to match to the longer run offset?
            Which digital printing platform has the least restrictions on paper?
            Where did the click charge thing come from? sounds like a lease of a copier instead of owning a piece of iron.
            I think the Indigo is the best looking, but still, the click charge and contract is oppressive. I know, a Luddite, since they seem to be selling a lot of them.
            Oh well, off to Expo, shopping for digital. See you there.
            John Lind
            Cranberry Township, PA


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              Re: A New Machine

              I'm not a buyer, but an operator (now) of a Presstek 34 DI. I've seen all the other machines mentioned and they do produce pretty good work, but now I've had hands on with this 34 DI I have to say that for 1,000 to 20,000 (or more) run lengths, I've never seen a press this acurate on either color or registration. To seee sheets coming off that machine ata rate of 6500 s.p.h (they keep telling me it will run at 7,000, but the paper don't always agreee with that), I'm impressed. I've been at this trade for over 35 years and seen a lot of standard offset, web, rotogravure, flexo, tec. and I have to say that the per unit price in this press can't be beat. One drawbcak is that the 34 only goes up to about 12.3 x 19.3 (or 34mm portarit) yhe other Presstek machine is a 52mm landscape machine but I couldn't figure out what niche that press would fit. 20.4 x 14.7 doen't seem to fit much in the way of daily publications, newsletters, anyone out there know different?

              Lammy, Robr, nice to see you again, thought the Prepress forums guys wrere getting scarce.


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                Re: A New Machine

                Hi Sparky ! Sounds like that Machine you have is a great production machine, I have had a hard time convincing the owners here to just get into the digital arena. I have a docucolor 250 here and would realy like to have something
                more production related but for now it's no dice.

                As for hangin out here at PP, I'll for sure be around, Thanks for noticing though, us Old Timers need to stick together.


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