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  • Duplo 646 JDF workflow

    I'm looking to add a Duplo 646 to knock down jobs from my Xerox Versant 3100 / EX-P RIP. Does anyone use a Duplo 646 or 746 with automatic job configuration via JDF and barcodes from a Fiery RIP? Is your team happy with that workflow with regards to saving time and use friendliness? Any caveats or gotchas? Thanks.

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    I have a 746. There is no JDF connection between Fiery and Duplo. It's something I've asked both Duplo and Fiery about several times. You define a layout in impose you would think it can carry over but it can't. You will be setting up every job in the Duplo job maker software. You can print a registration mark or barcode in impose. The registration mark is useful. I haven't found the barcode very useful. You really need to be doing something where you are mixing pieces in the same stack but generally you are making some minor tweaks each time you run something anyway so you really don't want it to just read a barcode and go. Plus you can only store 80 jobs for barcode use. In general, the machine works well. It just don't have the level of integration that you and I know should be possible.


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      Duplo claims that they are working on JDF support, but there is no date. EFI's Command Workstation release yesterday supports Duplo template imports for Impose templates. Can you take that feature for a spin and report back? thanks. News release here:


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