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  • Hello, I'm trying to download 2 PDF files 1 at 3.98 MB and the next 2.51MB which I'm told are too Large for the server.
    Regards, Alois
    Yes, the server has limits to file size.
    Alois Senefelder
    Alois Senefelder
    I have had this problem many times re-posting PDFs - SO what is the Max size ????
    I was directed to this forum by several people that I had asked questions to about commercial printing techniques in the late 40's. Where would be the best place to ask these questions in the forum? What I am hoping to get is technical eyes on the printed products to validate a theory that I have about changes that were made to the plate or cylinder in the process of printing.
    Our site is organized by subjects in different Forums. Prepress goes into Prepress, other topics go into their respective forums: offset, finishing, etc. If these don't fit the bill, perhaps the Education Forum works. If still in a quandary, there's always the Lounge. The search feature can also be used to see where others posted similar questions.
    perfect! Thank you, I posted it on the lounge, we will see if anyone jumps on it. Thank you!
    Paul, Good afternoon... I posted a couple of Epson 9900printers in the marketplace today. How long will it normally take before the post will show up... Thanks, Mike
    Postings go up immediately, Mike.
    Thank you... I see it now
    PrintPlanet administration. I saw this on Print Planet yesterday. I am wondering if PrintPlant supports this type of negative commentary about women, like myself, in the printing industry? I have reached out to your advertisers, Avanti, Cannon, Xeikon, Koenig & Bauer, to ask if them the same question.
    The joke was really funny, and not offensive to anyone who ACTUALLY sees women and men as equals.
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