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the limits of Spot UV

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  • the limits of Spot UV

    Hi guys, I've been compiling different artwork guidelines for Spot UV and these are the results on minimum line weights, reverse-outs and misregistration. I'm wondering what you'll make of them...

    Minimum line weight: Avoid positive lines thinner than 1 mm; though it is possible to achieve 0.25mm (I found only company saying 0.1mm was possible).

    Minimum reverse-outs: Avoid reverse-out lines thinner than 2mm; though it is possible to achieve a reverse out of 1mm, any thinner will risk fill-in.

    Misregistration: Design with the expectation that Spot UV may misregister up to 1mm (expect the possibility of at least a 0.5mm minimum misregistration; and a 2mm maximum misregistration).

    The only thing that bothers me about these is that surely they are subject to factors such as whether the Spot UV was applied inline or offline; raised or flat UV; or other ways of handling (such as pre-heating the UV?)...

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    You are correct in assuming all those parameters will vary with the technology used to create the spot pattern. In fact they will vary by orders of magnitude. You need to create a set of guidelines based on application method, otherwise the guidelines will necessarily be so vague as to be useless.


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      My sentiments exactly. Most of the guidelines would seem to relate to off-line finishing. I can't find information specifically relating to the minimum weights and misregistration of Spot UV applied inline via flexo.
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        I would add to those guidelines, spot UV must not be applied over a score or fold, and spot UV should not bleed and should not be closer than 5mm from trim.


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          I should've added - whether or not Double Sided Spot UV causes a headache?


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            We run double sided spot UV regularly on business cards, postcards etc


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