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XML into InDesign -- paragraph breaks?

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  • XML into InDesign -- paragraph breaks?

    I'm trying to import an XML file and map it to styles in InDesign CS3. Every time I import the file the paragraph breaks (aka hard returns) get changed to plain line breaks, meaning that I can't apply different paragraph styles to different tags, since as far as ID knows the text is all the same paragraph. I've tried saving the XML file with Mac line endings, Unix line endings, DOS line endings ... nothing seems to make a difference. Anyone know what I need to do?

    Strangely, the same file imports complete with paragraph breaks in CS1.

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    Re: XML into InDesign -- paragraph breaks?

    Answered my own question -- seems this happens when I select the "Do not import contents of whitespace-only elements". I thought that one would strip out all the empty elements, not the breaks between elements. Ah well.


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