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  • Tough one

    OK, I think I am screwed, but maybe some Adobe guru out there can help me out.
    Scenario - Indesign or Quark file starts out with a 4/C pic in the entire background.
    Grayscale tiff is put in in Quark as (background pic set to none) or in Indesign (multiply).
    Net effect on both is that I get a pretty little PDF with a grayscale tiff sitting on top of a color pic.
    Now, here is the rub. I want to hit the "extract all images from the PDF" button in Acrobat 8.
    The issue is that on some it makes them into a quadrant. IE, I end up with four pics instead of 1.
    (Uppler left, upper right, etc).
    So, I says to myself, "self" you are smarter than some Adobe program. So, I go into Pitstop and delete out the
    color pic BEFORE I hit the "extract" button.
    Guess what? I am not smarter than the Adobe product.
    Any ideas?
    Just FYI - my customer puts in the grayscale and I want to take them out at 100% - 1200 dpi. It is the easiest,
    fastest way I know of.

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    Re: Tough one

    Not sure if this will work but...

    Try clicking the first quadrant with the "Edit Object" tool on the Advanced Edit toolbar. Then SHIFT+CLICK the remaining quadrants. Then CTRL+CLICK them and select "Edit Object". Hopefully this will open up the images in Illustrator as the whole image. Then export that out of Illustrator as a TIF. Good luck.

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      Re: Tough one

      Are you trying to get the grayscale image back? Are you trying to get a raster version of entire page? What EXACTLY are you hoping to accomplish via "Export all images"?



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        Re: Tough one

        How are you achieving the "Net Affect"? Are you printing postscript and distilling? or "Export" a PDF file. I think if you are printing postscript the file is flattening and as a result it "Stitches" the CT.


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          Re: Tough one

          I am printing a PS and distilling.
          (Currently Quark, but the customer is going to ID3 within a month).
          We are trying to get that grayscale logo out of the PDF to then drop back in in another program.
          Sure beats opening the whole file in Photoshop at 1200 dpi and then getting the 3-4 graphics out.
          The reason we like taking it from the PDF is that it is then 100% in size. No resizing. The program we put the
          grayscale into does NOT like resizing on the fly.
          Getting the grayscale tiffs out works about 95 percent of the time. Worst case scenario is I open the pdf in Photoshop and
          get the other 5%.


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            Re: Tough one

            this may - or may not - work

            open the pdf in illy

            this should, hopefully, enable you to, via the links pallette, select the image<s> you want (if they are split, you might have to select the "ones" you want, isolate them on a new layer, group) - then "copy"

            open photoshop, create new document (which should default hopefully to the size of whatever is on the clipboard - ie: your copied image) - anyway - adjust the new image settings to your needs - click ok


            it might work


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              Re: Tough one

              haaaa how have i got it all strikethrough - ohh the shame


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                Re: Tough one

                > {quote:title=beermonster wrote:}{quote}
                > haaaa how have i got it all strikethrough - ohh the shame

                Ha Ha Ha...because Illy is NOT a PDF editor???
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                  Re: Tough one

                  > {quote:title=kaiserwilhelm wrote:}{quote}
                  > I am printing a PS and distilling.

                  Well, if you are printing to a postscript and distilling, then you have the placed grayscale image so I am not sure why you would need to extract it after it is a PDF.

                  If the customer supplied the PDF, the PDF is all you have and you can extract it in four parts, then you can do what Joe already said and use your object edit tool in Acrobat to select each element and open it in Illy or PS(depending on if it is vector or raster) and you will have the image you need and can save it from the application you are in.

                  Am I not understanding what your question is?


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                    Have you tried to export a PDF rather than printing a ps file? Printing will typically flatten any transparency you have in the file. Exporting will give you a better chance of achieving what you need. Just make sure it is higher than 1.3


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