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  • "Putting the cart before the horse is not necessarily a bad thing... when navigating a potential mine field"

    Brilliant. If you don't mind, I'd like to try and use that in one of my cartoons.

    best, gordo
    Hi iam Using ptr 8300n-s Ctp & my work flow is trueflow se.
    i just want to know what is the best dot shape for ctp & plate

    Azura TS issue, From TF019


    The problem is now pointing to the plate processor, we are leaving a thin coating of blue emulsion on the plate after going through the wash. This in turn has caused the pressman to turn up there water to clean off the plate. This then brings more water into the ink wells, thus the ink in the well is mixing with the water to an incorrect level, thus diluting the ink to a point where it loses it's normal tack when being applied to the paper.

    Lukas, your original comments about the tac of the ink was the correct assumption but in the other direction. The ink has been diluted to the point where it doesn't have enough tac to be applied to the sheet.
    After we hit 300sq ft of usage, we then dump the bottle of finisher. Spray all tanks of any build up, confirm all spray holes are all working, then run water through the unit. Within a dozen plates the plates start to get the same light blue film.

    Any ideas?
    Hej Lukas, jag såg just att jag hade fått ett direktmeddelande av dig från 22/10 :) Vi löste de "problem" vi hade med Apogee just då men jag hör av mig om/när vi stöter på nästa.

    Ha det gott!

    / Magnus
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