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  • PageMaker PMD to PDF

    As one of the remaining diehard PageMaker 7.0 users worldwide I am beginning to have even more problems converting a native PMD file to PDF. Acrobat 4, originally packaged with PageMaker continued to Distill decent PDFs from PMDs until quite recently, then no longer.

    I have spent much of the past few weeks looking into a bunch of the growing number of PDF print apps, and even though some of them appeared to install successfully, they didn't.

    If there are any other PMers out there (or even ex-PMers), can you please tell me how you solved this problem.


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    Ghostscript ?


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      Are you saying that you can't successfully print to the Adobe Acrobat "printer"? Or are you using the PDF utility in Pagemaker?
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        Thanks for your replies.

        Ghostscript has been installed, several times, although I do not know how to check if it is installed correctly.

        When I print to the Adobe Acrobat "printer" and now the Adobe PDF Converter I get a message saying that I do not have a PS printer file installed "Please install one."

        I don't want to sound paranoid, but considering Adobe's history with ex-Aldus PageMaker I'm wondering if they have jinxed my system because they have discerned that I reinstalled Acrobat 4 and 5. Say it ain't so.


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          When it is saying you need a PS printer installed, that could mean you need one installed on your system (Mac or Windows). You can do a search for postscript.ppd to find one for your system. Then install it, and that should solve this issue. Hopefully.


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            Well, I just did a search for "postscript.ppd" on the whole Computer and there was none found! Hmmmmm. Supposedly it has been installed several times. Just a thought, what would the name of the postscript.ppd install file be called? I'll look for that.

            Just in case I come up empty on that, where's the best place to get one?


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              Sorry I wasn't clear enough about where to search, as I meant on the internet, and not on your computer.

              For Windows, here is a link to Adobe's Knowledge Base

              You can probably use the same PPD for the Mac, but I can not remember where it would need to be placed.


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                And I thought I'd mentioned my system in the first message, but I didn't. This bloody PMD to PDF has got me so frazzled!

                So, I'm running a Dell desktop 64 bit on WIN 7 Ultimate, Sp1and I see that the Adobe link you gave me (thank you, Scotts) says:
                Note: Installing the AdobePS printer driver on 64-bit systems (such as Windows XP x64) is not supported.

                So, that PPD won't work on my DT, however my laptop is a 32 bit Dell with the same Win system. Hmmm. If it ain't one thing it's another, huh? So, any idea where to get a 64 bit PPD?


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                  I would have expected Dov Isaacs to have replied here by now,
                  Please see his response to your issue here:


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