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  • shalom haver sheli
    ı know few words becouse ı have been about 24 years before in herzelia scitex for dolev800 training
    by the way do you know that is there any lock screw for drum in lotem800 ctp platesetter
    becouse machines drum is sctuck dosnt move by hand in any direction
    A friend has one Lotem 800 Quantum, wants to sell for quite some time.
    All other Lotems I knew were forced to replace to Magnus.
    laylatov haverim sheli
    so it means that nothing to be done
    Kodak announced Lotems EOL (End Of Life) about 10 years ago and forced their customers to replace them. I guess that nowadays not may Lotems are still operating, totally dependent on experienced ex-scitex field engineers, or very small pre-press shops with know-how and spare parts, like me.
    Good Luck.
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