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    Topsetter error E04 help

    My observations/comments are probably obvious enough and I an not familiar with this machine, but anyway: It could well be a failing component on a board that passes the initial test but overheats and later fails. I usually start troubleshooting by unplugging suspected boards, cleaning the...
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    software for package/box creation?

    This link may be usefull in many cases:
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    Best screen angle for one color gradients

    Screening is visually least noticeable around 45° angle. LPI and mesh should go hand in hand, choose combinations from mesh manufacturer tables.
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    After the Consultant

    Which reminds me of the case in the late Nineties, when I was contacted to advise on improving the print results of a brand new web offset press. I spent a couple of hours by the press reading color bars and indicating shortcomings, but the press operators couldn't get the press to print an...
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    Perhaps you should look into appyling the glue by Silkscreen printing.
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    Any screen printing experts out there?

    Perhaps the ink is too "long"? In the sense that it slightly increases dot gain.
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    Tiff Shooter Advice

    Perhaps a practical, handy solution is to turn that old PC into a Virtual Machine and run it from within a new, powerful computer. One caveat - some dongles are not recognized...
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    At the Auction

    This reminds me of an obserbant customer who told me once, after watching how we fixed his problematic job that although he comes from a different industry (Electronics) he realizes now that we share much the same difficult situation because in both our fields "sometimes to achieve 10% higher...
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    At the Auction

    Some, I agree. But for the rest - I'd much rather deal with the equipment...
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    At the Auction

    This reminds me what a large printing plant manager told me many years ago: "To succeed in this business you need 3 things - Work, Equipment and Workers. You never have them all at the same time."
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    Dolev 800V Parts for Sale

    Outer diameter on my refurbished rollers is 30.4 mm. I bought some replacement Posi-Drive Belts from There was no mimimum order when I ordered, all went fine. Good luck.
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    Dolev 800V Parts for Sale

    These rollers can be recovered by a rubber rollers resurfacing company. We have done that repeatedly over the years because when this rubber gets old it softens and finally melts. Messy stuff. We found IPA is helpfull for cleaning. Try finding a local service provider. Concerning the chains...
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    Pantone Color Libraries will be removed from future Adobe updates

    Up to CS6 Adobe sold perpetual licenses, AFAIK later versions were subscription only.
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    Pantone Color Libraries will be removed from future Adobe updates

    I think a reminder is due here: Anyone who can make do with the old versions' functionalities of his s/w, should create Virtual Machines of the older computers and thus, can keep on using these computers as VMs and keep using for as long as they like. If you don't REALLY need the MODERN...
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    Chillers - Function and installation.

    Yes. That is a practical solution for keeping smaller temprature deviations.

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