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Avalon VLF XXT 50 processor error

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  • Avalon VLF XXT 50 processor error


    Perhaps anyone can help us, recently our Avalon's been giving us an error: S0A40 (online processor fault). See photo:

    Can anyone explain what this error is and possible causes?

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    What plate processor model do you have ?


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      quartz iii 150

      Is it possible to find a service manual somewhere for the VLF XXT 50 that has a breakdown of the alarm codes with more definition then " if it doesn' work, contact AGFA" and perhaps some diagrams and/or schematics?


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        Assuming the processor shows no errors on display you should inspect the serial cable itself and connectors. Do the same with any further serial comms from machine i.e. conveyor, baking oven if any (I don't know your configuration).
        The ctp you have is ridiculously complex, most users attempting to repair such a machine end up causing more damage. I strongly advise you to seek qualified assistance.


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          If cable and connectors are fine I would first suspect the PIM (processor interface module PCB) inside the processor electronic box sending out a faulty error signal on the RS232. Again, make sure the Quartz-III display shows ready state, all green, no errors.


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            I don't wanna brag or anything but a decade of low voltage control, RF circuit design and repair with a Masters in microelectronics and microsystems doesn't make me qualified but at least it makes me approachable. In rescent years i've also taken up study in laser systems and ramen spectroscopy. Sure, i have no ties with Agfa and i know there's allot of trade secrets in the machine. There in lies the challenge of learning it on your own, same as i do with everything else. After all, the machine is build on a series of well known principles and techniques. Nothing groundbreaking there.

            If anyone can help with a service manual/ more information on the machine, it would be greatly appreciated.


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              Ok then you may find the attachment I just sent you useful to check the RS232 signals. As for your proficiency in electronics you made me smile a bit, don't forget the old saying assumption is the mother of all f'ups. It's not the trade secrets but you really cannot teach yourself even if having the service docs handy.


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                I'm with you there. Indeed, assumption is the mother of all f'ups. Then again, assumption is also a start to theory, which through ongoing research can be proven or debunked. If we start somewhere, mess up from time to time, then we learn.

                It was just a bad sensor connection in the processor leading to the error. Fixed now.

                Still, more interested in acquiring more in-depth information about the VLF. Really hope someone can help out here.


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                  Originally posted by Phanx11 View Post
                  assumption is also a start to theory, which through ongoing research can be proven or debunked. If we start somewhere, mess up from time to time, then we learn
                  Very much so, provided you're ready to test theories on your own piece of equipment good luck with that. Worse still if it's not yours. Btw I'm a qualified engineer and the service literature is composed of a dozen base manuals, several dozen training docs and a couple hundred tech bulletins all amounting to some GB of information and as you guess not allowed to share any of that, sorry. Can only help with simple point-and-shoot solutions as I just did today.


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                    Anyway glad you fixed it.
                    You're welcome.


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                      Thank you Maxon.
                      indeed, as guessed not getting the information that easy.
                      Oh well, seems like always, just got to burn the midnight oiil sniffing trace to trace


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                        no they never give pcb schematics just block diagrams but again, if it only was this easy (my background is also in electronics), considering boards are loaded with fpgas and it's firmware involved etc.
                        Anyway wish you all the best, if you ever need a quick advice drop me a p.m. Cheers.


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