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Avantra 25 jamming question

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  • Avantra 25 jamming question

    Been using this Agfa Avantra 25 with inline processor for about 3 years and have been getting jams when the film is about 75% gone. so at about 150 on a 200 foot roll it starts folding the corner over as it exits and jams. Now it is such a pain we have been just changing out the roll, what a waste. Anyone here ever had this problem?

    Thanks, banjoman

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    Re: Avantra 25 jamming question

    Oh yeah. On a AV44S but same principle I'm sure. The film takes a set as it gets close to the core. Agfa will insist it's improper storage, I'd say it always does it. 4 mil, 7 mil, doesn't matter. If the machine is built on the same principal as the 44 the following would apply. When the film exits through the punch unit and into the cutter section there's a set of sheet metal fingers that guide the film up to the bridge. You can try to open those up so the curled edge doesn't hang. The fingers actually get pushed back by the cutter during a cut. You'll have to raise the bridge and remove the plate. Be careful though. It's just as easy to make it worse as it is better. It could be happening in the gap between the punch and cutter as well which is really hopeless.


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