Intec SC6000 / Morgana ColorCut Digital Die Cutter

Great write up, sir.

I'm in the market for the SC6500 very soon and I've heard that the crease is very weak for packaging and also was told it needs to be laminated or else it cracks. My main use of the machine is for more short run die cut or kiss cut stickers.

Another one of my intended uses would be die cut business cards, postcards and for hangers. Problem is I usually print on 16pt and I know the tolerance is up to about a 14pt. Anyone have experience with just die cutting 16pt with the possibility of gloss or soft touch lamination?
Based on my experience diecutting thick sticker media with a Summa S2T, you'll go through blades like candy and constantly need to make cut pressure adjustments cutting cardstock.
The thickest I've experimented with for packaging was 14pt C1S that was laminated and it did fine on the cutting. We just did a run of 1,250 door hangers and every sheet came out spot on. It did spit out about 20 sheets un-cut because it had trouble reading the marks. Not sure why because they looked fine to us. Out paper did have a bit of curl so maybe that cause the issue.

One new downside we've noticed is the creasing rapidly wears out the felt strip that the blade cuts into. These door hangers were unique in that they were double wide with a crease down the middle to fold in half before they hang it. I put on a fresh felt strip before starting the door hangers because it had worn out from doing some creasing jobs before this one. The only spot that wore out was where the crease line was.


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