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Issue matching artwork color to print color

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  • Issue matching artwork color to print color

    Hope this is the correct forum for this question. . .

    Was hoping for a lead on identifying a color matching issue. We are printing a four color offset job which has a graphic of a white objected (with some shadowing) along a red background. When on the press, it the white object is printing with a red hue. On the typesetting end, we isolated the white graphic, converted it to grayscale, and then reinserted it into the CMYK picture in an effort to remove any original red hue.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: Issue matching artwork color to print color


    I assume that the "white object" is a part of an image representing a bright object made of CMYK light screens.
    If so, first check the screen values in the image and see if they indeed represent something neutral (like C 5 M 4 Y 4 K 0).
    Then, visually check the magenta plate see if it is something wrong with it (fogged, etc...), then check the print for magenta toning then check the magenta density to be the standard one. The printer might have pushed magenta density to achieve a rich red background.



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