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backing up cheetah RIP

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  • backing up cheetah RIP

    I have discovered that our IT department doesn't back up our RIP servers which is a train wreck just waiting to happen..i know on the mac i can archive the preferences, the associated queue folders and the application and that would be enough to get me going in the event of a hard drive crash..i don't know enough about a PC to do the same task..we are using MS windows server 2003 on HP Proliant work stations, how difficult would such a task be?

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    Re: backing up cheetah RIP

    Norton Ghost is a great way to clone one drive to another. You can also use Veritas Backup or similar program to backup to tape, DVD, etc. If you have a Harlequin RIP there are two PostScript programs that can be used to backup the settings. One is for backing up the fonts that are installed. The other is for backing up all of the page setups and configurations for each page setup, hot folder. Works great!
    Matt Beals
    The views expressed here are my own personal views and are not those of my employer.


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      Re: backing up cheetah RIP

      Hello Matt,

      Where are the postscript programs you mentioned on the Harlequin Rips?



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        Re: backing up cheetah RIP

        Hi Jim,

        My name's not Mat, but look in the SW -> Utilities folder. In there you'll find and In terms of what they do:
        "This job will create a back-up file for configuration data which may be sent to your support group in order for them to reproduce your setup more quickly and easily in the event of any problems. It may, of course, also be used for backing up and restoring your page setups etc.

        To reduce the size of the backup file the data is LZW compressed when this file is run from a level 2 RIP.

        Since files are saved by their PostScript names you can use backup and restore to move files between PC RIPs and all mappings will be automatically set up.

        To re-install the backup simply run 'print file' on the file produced by this utility.

        The backup file will be created in the same directory as this file is found. "
        This is similar.



        Andy Cave,
        Chief Executive Officer,
        Hamillroad Software Limited.


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          Re: backing up cheetah RIP

          To me, and for many of my customers who use Harlequin based RIP's, this is the single BEST feature of a Harlequin based RIP's. When something bad happens, you upgarde, make a new page set up or what have you, you can roll back to your last backup. Even if you need to move from one machine to another. It is such a God send of a tool. I can't say how much I love this one little (but massively important) feature.
          Matt Beals
          The views expressed here are my own personal views and are not those of my employer.


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            Re: backing up cheetah RIP

            thanks for the response, but we are using Cheetah RIPs...


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