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  • i have an Epson 7600 which I am experimenting with. I have not used the G&J conversion kit. A printer friend of mine in Indiana was using the VIM system with a 4880 and running 4 color work on a Ryobi 3304, I was very impressed with it. I have been using a DPX Genesis that I picked up at an incredible deal, actually I bought 2 of them. It is laser based using Silvermaster DigiPlate material and works great. I haven't given up on the inkjet CTP just been busy and haven't had time to experiment any further.
    Hello, I bought an used jetplate 3000 and I have an excellent offer to buy a jetplate 7600 system.

    I want to know if you make the test with the conversion kit or the fluids from G&J ?

    I missed the RIP in the shipping, can you give me a copy of the installation CD?

    In the shipping the manuals was missed Do you have a copy of the user for the JP 64 Developer ?

    Thanks a lot

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