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  • RIP Software for Flexo with Screens

    Hello! I'm looking for suggestions for RIP software to drive a 44" plotter. Currently have a Canon, but am also looking at potentially switching brands for color accuracy. I need to be able to produce color accurate proofs (spot colors and CMYK), with different screens to correspond to multiple anilox rolls. Would also like to be able to simulate swapping press colors from cyan to say pms 292C.

    Met with the folks from GMG, very impressed but I was asked to find additional RIP options. I've looked at Onyx and Caldera, but I don't see any options for producing different screen values.

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    We partner with GMG and feel that they provide a excellent product. However, their main competitor is CGS. Here is a link to their site.


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      Thank you, I'll take a look and see what their RIP offers.


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        Originally posted by BlacknTan View Post
        Thank you, I'll take a look and see what their RIP offers.
        CGS ORIS Color Tuner // Web offers standard “contone” screening as you would expect and additionally offers two screen proofing options:

        * ScreenDot: Pre screened 1 bit TIFF/LEN file data
        * ScreenDot Plus: Create dot proofs from contone data

        Notice in the screenshot below that ScreenDot Plus supports 7.5° flexo screen angle rotation.

        P.S. You will need to confirm if your printer model is supported for dot proofing.


        Stephen Marsh

        CGS ORIS CTW Dot Proofing Settings.png
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          Thank you Stephen, this helps. I've been reviewing their website, and sadly there is very little in the way of details. Lots of broad statements, but getting detailed breakdowns is sorely remiss. In their defense, GMG tends to do the same thing. I met one of their reps in South Carolina last year, and he was very enthusiastic about their product. I don't believe they can do fluting simulations as of yet, and I believe they are working on algorithms to simulate swapping Pantone colors in the cmyk breakdown.


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