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  • That sounds good, except for Adobe RGB. Adobe RGB would only be good if that was the colour of the original RGB data. My guess is that sRGB would be a better RIP default if the RGB source is unknown. Another issue is calibration of the printer. You have to be able to have faith that the printer is going to print consistently from calibration to calibration (there may well be drift in-between calibrations).
    Hi Stephen,

    My name is Tristan and I am new (very, very new) to the print game. I work for a design company that uses a Xerox DP 700. I admit I have no experience but I am reading everything I can just to try and keep up with the demands. My question is where is the best place to start?

    I feel a bit lost when it comes to printing proofs because it comes out very different on screen. At the moment my workflow in our Command Work Station for colour is RGB Source: Adobe 1998 then to a relative intent followed by a CMYK (full source simulation) using the ISO Coated V2.icc then to an output file that is default for our printer. Am I on the right track? I thank-you in advance for helping me in anyway. Please anything you can tell me would be a great help right now. Even if you point me in the direction of a good book.
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