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    Total Area Coverage (TAC) Issue

    While on the topic... Finding the ICC profiles that...
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    New Job Title for Prepress/Wide Format/Digital Press operators

    I guess it depends on how dry the turd is! EDIT: Mythbusters Polishing a Turd - YouTube It appears that I was thinking about it the wrong way! Stephen Marsh
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    New Job Title for Prepress/Wide Format/Digital Press operators

    It was pointed out on the B4Print forum that it is not really possible to polish a turd, however it is possible to roll it in glitter! Seriously though, at one point in time there was a push to change the title to Premedia. Stephen Marsh
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    Mac files won't work in hot folder

    I remember back on the classic Mac OS we'd use Fetch to FTP files to avoid platform related transfer issues with other protocols. Ah, the good old spinning dogcow used to make me smile! Stephen Marsh
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    B2C W2P Solution Questions (Pressero?)

    There are other models out there, such as live bi-directional integration between the MIS and Web to Print developed by a single vendor – with an optional fully integrated API to Aleyant eDocBuilder, which is the “back end” used in Pressero to create PDF artwork. (disclosure, I work in...
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    Line&Strokes as PDF 5/1.4 from Latest Illustrator, become PathsWithFill

    I can’t reproduce with Illustator CC2018 and Illustrator CS6... A stroked path is retained. So perhaps something with CC2019? Stephen Marsh
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    Pitstop kerning issues

    AFAIK PitStop has no options for “fine” typographic control… Short of splitting the text line/word into individual characters and nudging them into place. Stephen Marsh
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    Diffusion Dither verses FM Screen

    You will really need to get the gain/TVI correct if doing this in Photoshop, lightening the shadows more so than the highlights. I’d go with a proper first or second order RIP algorithm over Photoshop if given the choice. Stephen Marsh
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    Looking for freeware to compare dE between two spot colors

    Although not free ($499), the following may be worth a look (previously developed by Tucanna): X-Rite i1Profiler software is “free” to create and measure charts, even a minimal single or two patch spot chart (it replaces the old ColorPort for...
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    from tif separations to pdf composite

    Kodak TAP - TIFF Assembler Plus can do this from TIFF/LEN files via a hotfolder and or attempt to descreen to create a contone composite image and do many other things… It comes as standard with Flexcel NX, however I believe that it also be purchased separately however it would be pricey and an...
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    MIS Recommendation?

    I’ll start the vendor frenzy! Stephen Marsh
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    Mimaki CJV-300 - color correcting a custom profile

    Start by looking at the measurement data. What condition is it: M0, M1 or M2? What is the L*a*b* value of the media? Look into your colour management settings, perhaps there is an incorrect setup. Have you successfully created profiles with the same setup for other media? Stephen Marsh
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    Selling OffCuts

    Webs (rolls, reels) come in a “master” or “parent” or “mill” width that may be larger than a narrow web label press can handle. You are purchasing the entire web/reel/roll, however the paper supplier will cut this down into whatever sizes you need. In this case the master size is 60" wide, with...
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    Convert images in a PDF with adjustment

    Are the CMYK images deviceCMYK or are they tagged with an ICC profile? Although intended for blind exchange, do you know for a fact that the F39 output intent is correct? Until we have new PDF standards in the wild, there is only one output intent, so what is the assumed CMYK source ICC profile...
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    Working with client supplied files and white ink

    Look into your Caldera RIP for auto white ink generation settings, above and beyond what client’s may or may not setup in their files. The Color-Logic system can auto create white ink for VDP work, however I’m not sure if this is also the case for non VDP work...


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